263. "Everything’s Gonna Be Cool this Christmas"

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Between Christmas shopping, cookie baking, holiday parties and keeping up with project 365 Things Barrington, for me, this month has been a killer. Thankfully, the Christmas Card envelopes are stuffed, stamped, sealed and will (hopefully) make it to the post office before it’s too late. Though it’s entirely possible that they won’t. No worries. It’s all cool.

And if you feel like YOU’RE behind this holiday season, just listen to this… 40 of our holiday cards this year will also contain birth announcements that never made it into the mail after our son was born…this past JANUARY! He’s almost a year old and I’m not sure what Emily Post would say about it but, you know what? If I look like a slacker this year, it’s cool. I can live with that.

So as I prepare to head to the basement this week to kick off Wrapapalooza 2010, a party of ONE, I’m going to put on my headphones, crank up my Ipod, feel thankful for my best friends and listen to my new favorite Eels song and my motto for the holidays this year, “Everything’s Gonna Be Cool this Christmas“. The song has been around for a few years, but it really hits a note for me now.  So if my beef brisket’s a flop on Friday night, it’ll be OK, it’ll be Christmas Eve and it’ll all be cool!

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