268. Have a Seat with Santa on Christmas Eve

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Kids Visit Santa

For the first time ever, today, our two-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son met Santa Claus. It was a close encounter of the quickest kind. About 60 seconds on his lap and they were off, with no tears! Just a sideways glance at my camera to mark this “first” for our photo books.

Kids Visit Santa

When I approached Old St. Nick today, I had a flashback. I remembered that blinking red light we’d see in the distance from my Grandmother’s picture window on Christmas Eve. It was the tip of a radar tower miles away. But, to my cousins and I, it was Rudolph’s nose. And he was on his way to visit our home with Santa and his bag of toys. It’s exciting to see our kids at the beginning of this age of magic and unquestioned belief. And I’m grateful to finally be on the mom-end of this familiar fantasy.

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