62. Remember 9/11

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Remembering September Eleventh
Courtesy of Bob Lee

A survivor who was in the Pentagon during the September 11th attacks shared his story in Barrington last week and the community hosted a beautiful memorial service on Sunday to mark the 10 year anniversary.

Remembering September Eleventh
Courtesy of Bob Lee

Families, veterans, police officers, firefighters, elected officials and others from the community gathered in the morning at Memorial Park to remember the attacks, honor the victims and thank those who have devoted their lives to defending our country.

Barrington memorial service for the 10th anniversary of the September Eleventh Attacks
Courtesy of Bob Lee

The Barrington High School Choir performed and Barrington photographer, Bob Lee, says the service was so beautiful, he couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Courtesy of Bob Lee

I heard a lot of comments in Barrington over the weekend as people looked back on that day, the attacks and the events that followed.  The common theme was remembrance with prayers for peace.

“Never forget the families and first responders….never forget the 4,000 troops that have lost their lives and the 40,000 that have suffered injuries.”

“Prayers to all who suffered in attacks on 9-11. Peace.”

“May we never forget and may all those who perished remain a beacon of hope for this great country and forever rest in peace.”

“CNBC is re-broadcasting 9/11 as it aired that morning on NBC and I can’t help but have some tears re-experiencing the shock of it all step by step. I hope the next ten years lead to different world filled with more love than the past ten years.”

“Reflecting and reverent thinking of the 2973 lost lives; blessed and honored thinking about the people who bring joy to my life; optimistic and thankful for the millions working towards a life and world full of Peace, Pais, Shalom, Maluhia, 平和, Kayiroo , शान्ति, Fred, Мир, Hòa Bình, 평화, Wolakota, Ειρήνη, Salam.”

“God Bless the USA”

For a final reflection on the 10 year anniversary, watch this video of BHS-TV student, Catherine Goetze’s interview with retired US Army officer, Ryan Yantis. He spoke in Barrington last week and was in the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 during the terrorist attacks.

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