121. Roz Puppets Perform “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

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Here’s a great way treat the wee ones in your life to a little something special in Barrington this week!  Come see the Roz Puppets perform “The Emperor’s New Clothes” at the Barrington Area Library this Friday, March 30.

The show starts at 10:15 and lasts until 10:50 this Friday morning in the library’s first floor meeting room.  There are 180 FREE TICKETS available for you to pick up 15 minutes before the show in the library’s Youth Services department.

Kids of all ages will love this classic folktale about a vain emperor who is tricked by two weavers into believing he’s wearing clothes invisible to subjects who are incompetent or unfit for their positions.  He buys it until a child cries out, ‘But he isn’t wearing anything at all!’.

The show will be presented by the colorful and lively Roz Puppets, a one-man show performed by professional puppeteer, Dave Rozmarynowski.  Dave and his band of furry, fleece and foam friends live in South Bend, Indiana, but have been entertaining crowds with clever interpretations of classic folk tales since since 1997.  You’ll find the Barrington Area Library at 505 N. Northwest Highway and you’ll find them online at BarringtonAreaLibary.org.

To learn more about the man who works all the magic, click HERE to check out his Facebook page or visit RozPuppets.com.

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