I live in Lake Barrington. That’s “far” out of town, according to some. But we enjoy our lovely wooded lot in Barrington Harbor. Ever come out my way to eat? Chances are you’ve been to The Onion or Kelsey Road House, but today I’ll tell you about all the restaurants we have here on the northwestern skirts of the Barrington area.

Chances are you may not have known about, or have forgotten about, a few of these local hot spots. So I decided to offer a refresher to whet your appetite for some great food, beer and time out on the town…

On the far southwest end of Lake Barrington, at 28682 Northwest Highway, is RSVP2’s Bar & Grill. While it is a sports bar, there is also a large family dining area and dining patio. This popular spot has great pizza and bar food and is a great place to catch dinner with the kids and/or watch a game. Owned by longtime Barrington family, the Petersen’s, who many of you may know from their plumbing company.

R.S.V.P.’s 2 Pizza, Bar & Grill – 28682 W. Northwest Highway in Lake Barrington

Right around the corner from RSVP2’s and heading north on Kelsey Road is a Lake Barrington landmark, Kelsey Road House. Housed in a replica of a castle, people love to come here for the unique décor as well as the extensive and varied menu. Always offering roasted chicken platters and exceptional burgers and ribs, they now have partnered with Gino’s East and also carry the full Gino’s East menu.  There’s something for everyone on the menu at Kelsey’s.

Kelsey’s Roadhouse – 352 N. Kelsey Road in Lake Barrington

Veer over to Pepper road, just one block east, and you will find the Onion Pub. A beautiful building with equally beautiful views, the Onion carries modern pub fare, mixed with a bit of Irish tradition including Jackstout burger, fish and chips and beer cheese soup. They also have an extensive Craft beer selection and a great bar area to meet for cocktails.

The Onion Pub – 22221 N. Pepper Road in Lake Barrington

Head further north on Kelsey Road and follow it when it veers east just past Miller and you’ll hit my favorite Italian chain, Zaza’s. If you’re looking for classic Italian fare, you’ve got to try Zaza’s. Rich, rich rich with flavor and ingredients is how I would describe every dish I’ve eaten from ZaZa’s and this is just what I want when I go out for Italian.

ZaZa’s Tavola – 5147 Shoreline Road in Lake Barrington

If you continue heading north on Kelsey Road before it veers east, you will continue on River Road, and will come across a hidden restaurant called Port Barrington Bar & Grill. Port Barrington is part of a Marina and Townhouse complex of the same name. In their own words, “Port Barrington Bar & Grill is the best kept secret on the Fox River”. They have an extensive seafood menu including a raw bar, escargot and my favorite blackened scallops, in addition to a full steak, sandwich and pasta dinner menu with options for the kids. A great place to relax on the patio with a view of Port Barrington harbor and occasionally enjoy live music while you dine.

Port Barrington Bar & Grill – 99 Port Barrington Drive in Lake Barrington

The last stop, topping out the morthernmost end of the Barrington area is the Broken Oar. The Broken Oar is a place known for its atmosphere as a great riverfront gathering spot for motorcyclists and boaters. Host to many bands (often heavy rock), it is a place that can easily grow on you. And so can the food. We’ve often enjoyed a delicious breakfast of French toast or omelets via boat at the Broken Oar and have come to love items like the buffalo chicken wrap, spinach and mushroom quesadillas and grilled pork chops.

The Broken Oar – 614 Rawson Bridge Road in Port Barrington

Whatever you do, next time you’d like to try or revisit one of these Lake Barrington dining destinations, don’t leave home without your appetite!  For menus and to learn more about these featured restaurants, you’ll find their websites at BarringtonPizza.wix.com/rsvps2, KelseyRoadhouse.com, ZaZa’sLB.comOnionBrewery.com, PortBarringtonBarandGrill.com and BrokenOar.com.


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