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At the end of each year, we spend a lot of time looking ahead and setting goals for what we hope to accomplish over the next twelve months.  For me, the process of making resolutions often overshadows the opportunity to review lessons learned during the year that was.  This time, I’m lingering a little and taking one last look in that rearview mirror before allowing myself the blank slate of 2013.

Post - 660 - Rearview

In November I went to my doctor for an annual checkup.  I told her my shoulder hurt.  She was pretty quick to diagnose me with what she called “sitting disease” and said I’d be cured if I’d just get out from behind my computer and start spending more time with my husband, kids and friends.  All that air-typing I did while explaining my daily routine must have been a dead giveaway.

She also pulled a “monkey see, monkey do” on me.  You know that one.  Where someone in life makes you think about how much people who look up to you follow your lead?  My list of new year’s resolutions is shaped by my doctor’s “deep thoughts” and a few other experiences I’ve had this past year.

Resolution Number 1
Don’t yell.  Ever.  Anymore.  Even when your husband brings up that subject that makes you crazy.  Even when you find your kids flushing their toys down the toilet.  Remember that angry tones will only come back to haunt you.  Find a better way.

Resolution Number 2
Pick up a copy of Dinner A Love Story and work hard to put the idea into practice.  You’re in charge of what you feed your family and how your time together is structured.

Resolution Number 3
Make a list of the three habits you most want your kids to follow when they grow up.  And start following them yourself today.  This one is non-negotiable.

Thanks to some new helpers, I will find the discipline to unglue myself from this keyboard.  No more air-typing and much more fresh air for me in the new year.

Wishing you good health, happiness and peace (in its many forms) in 2013.

Thank you for being here, Liz

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  1. Love your goals! I’ve seen a quote on Pinterest that is along the lines of your voice becomes your childs inner voice. That and you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with.

    • Happy New Year, Keely! I just found/followed you on Pinterest and can’t wait to check out your boards. Look forward to catching up again soon and thanks for writing, Liz

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