1. Fresh Starts, a Full Tank & 365 More Things To Do in Barrington

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We’re welcoming 2013 with renewed energy after the holidays and about 70 posts published at 365Barrington.com in the past 30 days.  It’s been a goal to complete our second set of 365 posts by the end of 2012 and, it wasn’t easy, but we did it.  We’re finally on track to share our third series of 365 things to do in Barrington, from the beginning to the end of the actual calendar year this time.  So with a full tank and exciting plans on the horizon, we’re again rolling the odometer back to day #1 and hope you’ll join us to find out what’s next.

Fuel Gauge

Speaking of fuel tanks, there is one group of people that has us feeling more motivated than ever to find and share great stories about Barrington.  They’re the first members to join our Barrington Online Marketplace and you’ll find their photos below.  Be sure to click on any photo to discover the people and places behind the images.  To find out how to join the Marketplace and about some exciting new things in the works at 365Barrington.com, here’s the best way to get in touch:

Fill out my online form.

In the meantime, we are sincerely thankful for those who have joined our online initiative to date and will work hard to share your stories throughout 2013 and beyond.

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