Day: August 7, 2013

174. Books & Beyond: Hot Authors & Read-a-likes

 I’m excited to share this first post from our newest contributor at  She is Adult Services Librarian, Lizzy Klinnert, at the Barrington Area Library and she’ll be writing posts for us to publish in our Books & Beyond series.  Today, she’s talking about “read-a-likes” and the “king and queen” of young adult lit.
Hot Authors & Read-a-likes
by Lizzy Klinnert, Adult Services Librarian at the Barrington Area Library
It’s my favorite time at the library – Summer.  Why?  Because, in the Young Adult area especially, summer brings out the readers.  Nothing’s better than walking through the area and seeing huge gaps on the shelves.  I see the empty spots and I just know that someone is going to have a good reading week.
It’s pretty rare to see super-popular authors like John Green or Sarah Dessen on the shelves at all during this season. For a look at some of the most popular books for young adults, CLICK HERE to see an explanation of this image, a map of the hottest books by state according to

So, while you’re on hold waiting for a book for the king and queen of YA (young adult) lit, why not try some read-a-likes? (Read-a-likes are books by different authors with a similar style or subject matter.) ……

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