334. Pennies 4 Payton Fundraiser for Dr. Felde’s Daughter

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Payton Felde Celebrating her 3rd Birthday

It’s been a difficult fall for Barrington chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Felde, his wife Lauren and their family.  Just after Dr. Felde’s daughter Payton’s third birthday this October, they learned she has a rare form of liver cancer.  The Feldes spent about a month with Payton in the hospital as she was treated for complications before she was strong enough to start chemotherapy treatments, which are underway now.

The Felde Family
The Felde Family

Because Dr. Felde has such an active practice here in Barrington, I’ve been following his Facebook page for a long time. When he first revealed to patients on Facebook that his family faced this diagnosis, I immediately started following their heartfelt updates on Payton’s progress at Caringbridge.org and I reached out to Ryan to find out how we all might help.

Ryan shared that, though Payton’s cancer is very serious, he is optimistic about her prognosis.

“I’m confident that we have the best surgeon, the best doctors, the best hospital and the best oncologist.  They’re going to get rid of the cancer.  At this point I can’t do anything other than pray that the doctors will do their job and that the tumors will respond the way they’re hoping.  I have to have faith.”

Payton Felde Celebrates her 3rd Birthday
Payton Felde Celebrates her 3rd Birthday

He says the prayers and words of support they have received have been particularly meaningful.

“At times you have this uneasiness because you can’t solve her problem.  But at times you have this unbelievable calm when you know that you’re surrounded by unbelievable people and it kind of lifts you up.”

And I also learned that there’s a fundraiser to help the family cover the cost of their medical expenses from 3 to 6 p.m. TODAY at John Barleycorn in Schaumburg.

The cost is $30 for pizza and soft drinks.  (There’s no charge for children under 10).  They have some amazing raffle prizes and there will be a photo booth from 3 to 5 p.m.  There will also be a DJ leading fun activities for kids including a Freeze Dance at 3:30 to the song, What does the fox say?, Kids will learn the Cupid Shuffle on stage at 4:30 and Santa and his elves are visiting at 5 p.m.

Event organizers say that no donation is too big or small and they request that children bring their pennies to fill “Payton’s Piggybanks” to support TEAM PAYTON together!

All proceeds will help the Felde family offset the cost of an estimated $150,000 in medical expenses for Payton that insurance will not cover.

The Felde Family
The Felde Family

John Barleycorn is at 1100 American Lane in Schaumburg and we’re welcome to join them any time between 3 and 6 today.  You can pay at the door or CLICK HERE to purchase tickets online.

If you can’t make today’s event, but would like to help the family by making a contribution, you can do so online at Pennies4Payton.com.

In the meantime, to follow the Felde family’s updates about Payton and offer your words of support, I highly recommend checking out Payton’s website at Caringbridge.org.

Also, stay tuned to 365Barrington.com.  We’re working on a story about changes Dr. Felde says he’ll be making to his Barrington practice as a result of Payton’s diagnosis.

“If there are 100 kids out there we can help get a little healthier, that’s what we’ve rededicated our practice to.”

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