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Dozens of local canine companions were nominated in Barrington Animal Hospital’s Pamper Your Pooch Photo Contest. But, alas, we can only choose one winner. That one lucky dog will win a day of pampering thanks to hundreds of dollars in gift card prizes! Here’s a quick look at some of our nominees…

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THE winner will receive gift cards to Egg Harbor Cafe for pet-friendly dining, Bonejour Pet Grooming Salon for a little beautification, Cody & Carls Blvd. for dog-friendly gifts and Kellwood Studio Photography for some pet portraiture to commemorate the day.

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That’s all thanks to Barrington Animal Hospital’s team of thoughtful, reliable and expert caregivers!

With so many primo pooches in the running, it’s almost impossible to choose just one winner.  So we’re letting YOU decide which of these four-legged-friends will be the champ.  To vote, all you have to do is choose your favorite canine companion or companions from the list of nominees using the poll below.

You can vote for as many as you like, but you can only vote once! You have until the end of the day on Friday, August 28th to cast your vote and we’ll reveal the winner at the end of August!

Click on any of the images below to enlarge. If you recognize any of these nominees, be sure to share the poll and spread the word to help pull for your top dog and good luck!

Be sure to check back during the remainder of the contest to see who the frontrunners are.  We’ll keep a running tally of where all contenders stand.  And for a closer look at all of the nominees, we’ve included the full quotes plus photos from all who entered our contest.  Enjoy…

Liv: Submitted by Nathalie Marini

My little baby Liv was born 1 out of five girls in her surprise litter! She was the only survivor and had the odds stacked against her since day one, but she preservered. She was bottle fed round the clock as an infant and hand raised due to her mommy never producing milk even with two shots to stimulate production! Due to Liv’s circumstances she was literally raised as a true “purse puppy” and has been taken everywhere since day one. She’s a strong, beautiful little girl inside-out and has quite a lot of umph in her go-getter personality for only being 3 1/2lbs at almost 2 years old. (*Her birthday is August 21st!) She loves everyone she meets and is going to be releasing her very own children’s book series in just a few short months. Each story will allow her young readers to get to know Liv a little better and will have an encouraging message at the end to look forward to and learn from. Liv is a survivor and a perfectly healthy and well-adjusted puppy who loves to be pampered and loved by all!!

Bear: Submitted by Marcia Ludlow

Good morning says Bear! Bear is eager to please his family members. He even looks like his brother, Sean…. With morning hair like that, he deserves a day of pet grooming. Awesome dogs! Loyal and loving pooches that tolerate a working family. They deserve a dog’s day out.

Tate: Submitted by Lora Del Page

This is Tate. Poor Tate got a puppy this year and it’s been tough. He’s a sweet soul who struggles with saying, “no.” So, his puppy has taken all of his toys, she has no manners when it comes to cookies, she wants to rough house and wrestle all day and night and he can barely get out the door first anymore. Through it all he has been a gentleman and a GREAT big brother. But he’s tired and a day of pampering is just what the doctor ordered. No pun intended.

Marlee: Submitted by Linlee Rohrer

Marlee joined our family in 2007, the weekend before my husband deployed to Iraq for a 15-month tour. I was a college freshman in a new town, living “on my own” for the first time, but I was never truly alone thanks to the endless love I received from Marlee. She is always up for watching Law & Order marathons and never fails to alert us to any squirrel activity going on outside. We were happy to finally provide her with yard she deserves when we bought our house in Barrington 2 years ago. We would love to pamper her with all of the things that Barrington has to offer our town’s furry family members and hope you will cast a vote for our best friend. Thank you!

Duke: Submitted by Kristin Longman

Duke deserves to be pampered because it is hard work being a superhero in disguise. His super powers involve barking in the middle of the night at rogue phantoms, battling conspiracy theories against his food bowls, and escaping from high security homes during the day to take leisurely strolls around town. He has struck up an alliance with the Barrington Police during his outing and they often comment on his powers of good will! He constantly supports those he loves the most. He is showers his love on everyone and deserves to have that love reciprocated. Please pamper Duke! #TeamDukeyPoo

Best Buds: Submitted by Kim Stewart

My pooches deserve a day of pampering because they are such sweet, kind and silly dogs. I recently lost my job and they help me cope with the stress of it all. They love everyone in the neighborhood as well.

Lily: Submitted by Kelcey Roberts

I should say Lily “adopted me ” about two months ago. She was in need of a new home and Otto, German Shepherd, was not feeling well. They met at the vet clinic and the matted little white dog came home with us. She has changed our lives for the best! She is so full of love and entertainment- even Otto ( almost 11 yrs old) plays with her like a puppy. Otto started eating again and they have become best friends. I think she has helped him to get better. I can’t imagine life without them.
Love you Otto and Lily!❤️❤️❤️

Lucy: Submitted by Karen Wexler

Lucy has one of those outstanding Labrador personalities, she loves kids and is always up for a game of catch, whether it’s her favorite tennis ball or an apple right off the tree. She’s been the best travel companion back and forth to Colorado for four years now, loving the hikes in the mountains in the summer and the deep snow in the winter! And of course Houston hanging with her ” grandkids”

Penny: Submitted by Jennifer Skwiertz Vogt

Penny has added much love and joy to our house since joining us several months ago.  She has also added quite the social aspect to our neighborhood as everyone gathers at the front of our house (with or without pooches) to hang with Penny and enjoy the frolicking that goes on.

Abel Henry: Submitted by Jennifer Vaughn

This is Abel Henry. I fostered Abel’s momma, Jemma, through Animal House Shelter back in December 2013. Jemma and her brother were rescued during the harsh cold…they were living outdoors, on heavy chains, without food, water or shelter. Worst of all, Jemma was pregnant. Jemma gave birth to nine sweet babies on December 16, 2013. Abel was the last puppy born…saved the best ’til last. He was the runt of the litter. At 2 days old, Abel had lost weight and was not nursing, so he was initially tube fed then exclusively bottle fed, as he just could not nurse. At 4 1/2 weeks of age, Abel was diagnosed with Cleft Palate…both soft and hard palates were affected. The vet who diagnosed Abel labeled Abel’s prognosis as “grave”. So, here I was with this precious little nugget, whom I had grown so close to…I would not give up on him! The shelter agreed. Animal House Shelter started a Gofundme page to raise funds for Abel’s surgery and in no time, $5,000.00 was raised thanks to many wonderful folks. At almost 3 months old, Abel had a successful surgery to repair his Cleft Palate. Once Abel was released, it was time for him to go up for adoption. I could not bear to let him go…we had formed a bond beyond words…just like a human mother and child. So, I adopted sweet Abel. About 10 days after Abel officially became part of our family. Then, after having a friend over for the weekend and lots and lots of outside playtime, Abel had surgery for an intestinal obstruction after he ate ears from a latex toy and some pieces from a rope toy. Next for Abel was another surgery to remove some teeth that had not grown in properly. And, if that wasn’t enough, sweet Abel was very recently diagnosed with Addison’s disease. After a very scary time, almost losing my baby boy, he is doing very well and is as happy as can be. After all sweet Abel has been through in his short 20 months here on earth, he so deserves a day of pampering. He is truly a little love bug who has endured so much in his short life and fought so hard to live…he is a survivor…he is Abel, Our Little Miracle.

Scout: Submitted by Jennifer Carstensen

My name is Scout and I am four months old. I have been with my Mom and Dad since they got me from a rescue back in June. I love snuggling with my Mom and Dad. We go on walks, play tug and fetch. They tell me every day, how much life has gotten better since I came around. I deserve a day of pampering because Mom and Dad just told me I’m going to be a big brother. Mom has some other “baby” she’s hiding in her tummy. I can smell it and I like to give it kisses to let it know I’m here. Mom says life is going to be different… whatever that means.

Minnie – Submitted by Janine McCalpin

Minnie deserves a day full of pampering because she loves to shop with mommy at Cody and Carls and will be the perfect model for the camera!

Wyatt: Submitted by Elizabeth Georgescu

We LOVE Wyatt who is the man of the house among 4 girls! He is mellow yellow, sweet and sensitive, doesn’t complain (bark) and known to even walk himself around the Fox Point neighborhood – if we don’t have time. He is friends with our two cats, Max and Blue, and even lets them walk under his chin for a scratch. Being an Aquarius, Wyatt loves the water and swimming for tennis balls is his favorite activity. Today, Wyatt is getting some of his back teeth pulled by Dr. Stapleton (Barrington Animal Hospital) and could really use a doggie pampering day. Thanks for your consideration. Woof!

Murphy: Submitted by Elaine Fischer

Murphy is a very sweet puppy with a funny personality. When it’s chow time, Murphy will jump up and down on all four paws out of excitement. He will take running starts to attempt to jump on the furniture. If he makes it, he’s very proud of his accomplishments! Murphy is a good buddy to hang out with and a very sweet cuddler.

Mandi: Submitted by Cheryl Puetz

Mandi deserves a day of pampering because there is not another dog that gets as excited as she does for a day at the spa. I can only tell her she is going to the spa right before I’m ready to leave. Otherwise, she follows me around the house barking at me because I am not moving fast enough to get her to the spa.

Rockstar: Submitted by Catherine Strauss

Rockstar is a ROCKSTAR! When he’s not tending his flock (his family), he’s making sure the yard is free from squirrels and the like. I’d love to give him some much needed pampering!

Charly: Submitted by C. Petrina

Charly the bearded beauty is our best furry friend – a schnauzer with sass, and loyalty that never ends. She brings an abundance of joy and affection, waking us up every morning with her paws of perfection. (Mostly to be fed, but it’s okay because it gets us out of bed). Don’t be fooled by her miniature size and big brown eyes – with her impeccable hearing and feisty barks, sneaking around her is no walk in the park. Because of this, we have no fear… for we know each time a stranger is near.

From being our pal, alarm clock and bodyguard – there’s not enough treats to thank her for all that she does. This is why she deserves to be pampered… a royal treatment for her, so she can feel like the queen we love.

Birdie: Submitted by Beverly Rohde

Hi Friends, I’m Birdie, an 8 year old English Springer Spaniel. Barrington Animal Hospital has been taking care of me since I was rescued by English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) and adopted by Beverley Rohde. I believe I deserve a day of pampering for the following reasons:

1) I lost my dog brother, Clive Owen, earlier this year, and my Mom adopted a cat named Cora. The cat stalks me around the house, hisses at me and whacks me with her paw. She’s actually getting nicer over time but working my patience; 2) I’m a dedicated volunteer for ESRA and help at fundraising events acting as an ambassador breed dog, and 3) my Mom recently resigned from her job, she’s home all day and was walking me all the time. I’m frankly exhausted and would love some pampering.

Thank you for having this contest! I know Christie from Bonejour (who currently grooms me) and Kelly from Kellwood Studios (who shot my Mom’s Xmas card photo of me). I’ve also had many leftovers from Egg Harbor (yummy Eggs).

Thank you!   Love, Birdie xo

Jax: Submitted by Alexandra Zakos

Jax doesn’t exactly “deserve” a day of pampering as he is quite spoiled already but I really want him to win. He’s had a “ruff” couple months, moving apartments, finding a new playgroup. Jax would enjoy a day to get back to himself!

Hudson: Submitted by Amy Holsworth

Hudson is our pride and joy…..he is named after the town my kids grew up in…Hudson, Ohio. He is playful, fun and loving! We just love him!

Daisy: Submitted by Amy Graves

Daisy makes sure I am safe while floating in our lake. She demands that she joins me each and every time I go out on my float….and will swim in after me if I leave her behind.

Twix: Submitted by Angie Vrtis

Our family adores our puppy, Twix. He is super sweet and cuddly and playful as well. Everyone who meets him comments on how “mellow” he is for a puppy. He loves people and other dogs as well. We call him an oversized teddy bear because that is what he looks like and every time we pass by him, we have to touch him, pet him or pick him up because we think he is so cute and we can’t resist!

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