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Cubs Fans Decorate Gravesites of Loved Ones at Evergreen Cemetery

Cubs Fans Decorate Gravesites of Loved Ones at Evergreen Cemetery

Home Newsroom Cubs Fans Decorate Gravesites of Loved Ones at Evergreen Cemetery

As the Chicago Cubs prepare for Game 6 of the 2016 World Series in Cleveland, lifelong Barrington Cubs fans are showing their support for the team, even from beyond the grave. You’ll find Cubs flags, balloons and pennants lovingly placed by gravesites throughout Evergreen Cemetery, the resting place of many who would have loved to watch the Cubs reach this point, with the possibility of winning it all this week. I took a walk through the cemetery Monday just as a former BHS student named Marissa was searching for the grave of her grandmother, Lorraine Woodall.

Marissa Woodall Johnson found her grandma’s resting place where she stopped to place a Cubs flag and pennant before telling me this…

“My grandma was a die hard Cubs fan and her father was also. He was actually alive during the last Cubs World Series. I just remember every time I’d go over to visit my grandma she’d have the Cubs game on. No matter what she was doing the game was always on in the background. She was a huge Cubs fan and she would have been so excited to see them play in the World Series. My grandpa, Clifton there, was actually a Sox Fan, but he rooted for both,” Marissa shared with a smile.

Marissa now lives in in the San Francisco Bay area. Her grandmother passed away in 2006.

“It would make my grandma’s day if she could be here to see how far the Cubs have made it,” Marissa says. “I wish we could all watch the last games together. But I’m hoping that decorating here in her memory will bring some luck and hopefully my grandma is somehow seeing all of this.”

I stopped by Evergreen after receiving this email and also reading a post on our Facebook page about signs of Cubs Pride spotted in Barrington. Another BHS graduate named Janet Jewell wrote, “Check out Evergreen Cemetery, (front right side!) Some of the best Cub fans ever are watching from above and flying the W at their resting places! Go Cubs Go!”

The Cubs are in the World Series for the first time in 71 years, and they haven’t won the fall classic since 1908. It’s literally taken a lifetime to watch the Cubs make it this far. Parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings and friends who were fans but aren’t here to enjoy this moment are in the hearts of many this week. They’re sure to be top of mind if the Cubs win the championship this week.

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