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FOODIE FACES | Fun at Home Photo Contest Winners Revealed!

FOODIE FACES | Fun at Home Photo Contest Winners Revealed!

We have winners to announce for day one in our 5-day Fun at Home Photo Contest inspired by Barrington 220’s first Distance Learning week. We made it through Day 1 of helping our kids learn from home. (Whew!) And today, the sun is shining!

Monday’s photo challenge was titled, Foodie Faces. We asked participants get fruits, veggies, anything edible … and turn it into a face using whatever they could find around the house. You’ll find all entries below, but first, THE WINNERS!

My husband, Bill is finally working from home so, to make things easy, I asked him to be the judge and choose our winners. We have $100 in Heinen’s gift cards to give away daily and we decided to share the love with winners from two families. Each of these entrants will receive a $50 Heinen’s gift card for Monday’s contest. So, without further delay, winner number one is…

WINNER | “Popcorn Hair” and “Tomato Mouth” by Owen & Isla Seidel of Fox River Grove. Owen says, “Putting on the tomato mouth was hard because it looked to heavy. I think it looks like a witch. Eating the noodle hair was fun!” Isla says, “Putting all of the popcorn hair on with just a little peanut butter was really hard. I think it looks really cute. It tastes awesome!”

WINNER | Our next winner is titled “Yummy Face” by The Rudzinski family. “It was a family project. The biggest challenge was to put the “hair” on it. We had 3 different ideas what edible things to use to create eyes, nose and mouth. Finally we have chosen what you see on the picture. Hope you like it, and made you hungry.”

We’ll be mailing your gift cards, Seidel & Rudzinski families and thanks to all for participating and don’t forget to enter our contest for Tuesday. The theme? NATURE DISCOVERIES! Wednesday’s theme is MAKE SOMETHING COOL – CRAFTS, TOWERS & SUPER FORTS. Thursday’s theme is SCIENCE FUN and Friday’s theme is PEOPLE & PETS. All ages welcome.

Click here to enter today!

It was a tough choice because we LOVED every foodie face submitted in our contest and here’s why. Just take a look at all of these sweet FOODIE FACES…

Here are the daily contest themes:

  1. Monday: FOODIE FACES
    Your mission is to get some fruits, veggies, anything edible … and turn it into a face using whatever you can find around the house. Be creative. Have fun and enter your photo for a chance to win Monday’s prize.
    The forecast for Tuesday calls for sun with a high of 46 degrees so get outside, explore nature and take a  photo of some of your favorite discoveries. Is it a beautiful sunset? A sign of spring? A tiny creature? Or maybe just a blade of grass in the right light. Tune in to the natural world around us and enter your photo for a chance to win.
    We see raindrops in the forecast for Wednesday so we thought this would be a good day to create something cool! Paint a picture, make a craft, cook a recipe, build a fort or tower. Pull out the craft kit, puzzles, paints and paper that have been sitting in the closet. Grab all the sheets, blankets, boxes and pillows you can find lying around the house and build a giant fort! Have things like blocks, legos, lincoln logs and magna-tiles lying around the house? Build a tower that defies gravity or just looks really cool. Snap a photo and enter again for a chance to win. Did we mention that all are welcome to enter every day?
  4. Thursday: SCIENCE FUN
    Since we’re all going to be learning from home next week, we’d like to let YOU be the teacher. Find a (parent approved) science experiment you can do with items you already have at home. Complete the experiment and share a photo plus a caption that sums up what you learned. Enter your photo for a chance to win. We can’t wait to learn from YOUR mad science skills!
  5. Friday: PEOPLE & PETS
    Think back to all of the favorite things you found to do at home this week and all of the photos you’ve captured. Is there someone who you loved spending a little extra time with? Did your mom, dad, brother, sister or pet make you smile this week? Snap a photo of that person, people or pet and send it it for a chance to win. If they don’t want their picture taken? Feel free to make them a mask or costume from things you have around the house and take their picture in disguise. Raid the dress-up chest, pull out pieces from past Halloween costumes. Have fun because anything goes and thanks for sharing!

And here’s the contest entry form:

By the way, for more on Distance Learning in Barrington 220, Click here for Barrington 220’s Long-term Distance Learning FAQ.

Click here for helpful advice from Barrington 220’s Coronavirus Planning Guide. For Barrington 220’s recommended reading on how to talk to your kids about coronavirus, click here or here for a cartoon explanation.

And, if you need a new song stuck in your head, give the “Hand Wash Rap” a listen. It’s pretty catchy. Stay healthy and can’t wait to kick off our contest with you next week!

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