Community Steps Up to Support BHS Coach Rachel Johnson Through Family Health Crisis

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The Barrington community is giving generously this week after a GoFundme campaign was created for Barrington High School teacher and coach, Rachel Johnson. Earlier this month, Coach Johnson’s husband Eric suffered a debilitating stroke. Their third grade daughter, Sirrae, was also home when it happened.

Click here to support the Johnson family. 

Coach Johnson is the only sibling of head BHS Football Coach, Joe Sanchez. Joe’s wife, Wendy, also a BHS teacher, created “The Johnson Family Needs Your Help!” Gofundme page on the family’s behalf.

“On November 7th Eric suffered a debilitating Stroke. His brain swelled excessively and was transferred to the ICU at Luthern General,” Wendy says. “His medical team determined that he sustained a schematic stroke that damaged his left side. Eric is now stable but, moving forward, he will need full-time medical care.”

The campaign has already raised nearly $20,000, but they’ve yet to meet their goal. Wendy says, right now, the family needs all the love and support we can offer.

“Rachel and Eric have been so giving to so many people. Rachel has given to kids in the Barrington area for 21 years at Barrington High School, in the classroom, on the boys’ and girls’ volleyball court, basketball court and years of Lady Bombers. She works tirelessly for so many of us.”

Wendy says they’re hopeful Eric will finally be released from the hospital this week but there are many unknowns which will make things difficult in the days and months ahead.

Click here to support the Johnson family. 

“Rachel works tirelessly to coach and give to others every day. She is always the biggest cheerleader to everyone else and is so giving to anyone in need. I’ve never seen her need help like this. It’s overwhelming in so many ways and you just don’t know what the future holds. She’s just been so amazing to so many people, including myself, and I feel responsible to make sure she’s ok.”

To join the community in supporting the Johnson family during this difficult time, click here to visit their Gofundme page. In doing so, you’ll be supporting so many Barrington students, athletes and families whose lives Coach Johnson touches on a daily basis… including our own. Thank you for all you do, Coach Johnson. We’re thankful for all you’ve given our own basketball player and we’re here for you on this road to recovery. 💗

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