318. 50 Ways to Woo Your Lover (In Barrington) Part I

318.  50 Ways to Woo Your Lover (In Barrington) Part I

Valentine’s Day is just two days away and, if you haven’t found something for your Valentine yet, never fear. We’ve compiled a list of 50 ways to score some big points with your significant other, without leaving Barrington.

Valentine's Ideas in Barrington, Illinois

Please feel free to add your two cents by offering some romantic ideas of your own. Anyone can leave a comment on this blog, just by clicking HERE or by filling out the comments box at the very bottom of this post. In the meantime, here we go. Get ready for loads of ideas that will keep your main squeeze longing for your love…

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317. Say "I Love You" with the Fresh Flower Market

317.  Say "I Love You" with the Fresh Flower Market

Business is blooming this weekend at the Fresh Flower Market on Main Street. They’re busy taking orders and designing flower arrangements for valentines throughout Barrington. The woman behind the bouquets knows a thing or two about surprising sweethearts. Fresh Flower Market owner, Liz Bremner, first stepped behind the scenes of a flower shop on Valentine’s day when she was only 14-years-old.

Barrington Fresh Flower Market

“My mother worked in a flower shop and it was Valentine’s Day and they needed extra help cleaning roses and helping prep things for the holiday. And I’ve been working in flower shops ever since.”

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316. Take a Minute to Remember Your Honeymoon

316.  Take a Minute to Remember Your Honeymoon

Four years ago today, my husband Bill and I were married. Not long after that, we found out we were expecting, moved to Barrington, had our first child, had a second baby and now we’re expecting our third.  It’s easy to forget who you used to be with so many major life changes taking place in such a short time.  Thankfully, wedding anniversaries give you reason to to reflect and remember your relationship’s beginnings.

I have to make this one quick because…it’s our anniversary, of course!  But I took a look back at some photos from our honeymoon tonight and found this picture we took on the beach at Hanalei Bay. It reminded me of so many favorite memories and this passage I once read…

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315. "Guess Where Wednesday" and Our New Winner

315.  "Guess Where Wednesday" and Our New Winner

We skipped our mystery photo contest last Wednesday due to the Blizzaster of 2011, so we have a new winner to announce.  Remember the Hot Dog mystery photo from a couple of Wednesdays ago?  We’ll reveal that winning guesser in just a minute.  But first, here’s our new mystery photo of the week.  Can you guess where in Barrington I was when I took this picture?

Mystery Photo Contest at 365Barrington.com

We’ll get to this week’s prize in a minute. But first, let’s talk about our latest winner. Just moments ago my two-year-old drew the winning name and it is…

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314. Photo Finish in Barrington SNOW DAY Contest

314.  Photo Finish in Barrington SNOW DAY Contest

We received dozens of photo submissions, we put it to a vote and we finally have the results of our Barrington Blizzard SNOW DAY photo contest. I’m also excited to say that we had the highest traffic day ever recorded here at 365Barrington.com when we published the photo voting poll last week!

Photo Contest Winners Announced at 365Barrington.com

There were hundreds of unique visits and close to 1,000 pageviews at 365Barrington.com last Friday alone, 350 votes were cast and we have a TIE!

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313. Snow Movers’ Mission (Almost) Accomplished

313.  Snow Movers’ Mission (Almost) Accomplished

It’s been almost a week since the snow started falling in the Blizzard of 2011 and crews in Barrington are still working hard to clean up the mess. The Barrington Village has hired drivers and rented a fleet of 5-Axle dump trucks to remove the remaining heaps of snow from Barrington street corners and parking lots. I snapped a few photos this morning at one of their snow dumping grounds.

Cleaning Up after the Blizzard of 2011

Barrington Village officials will be meeting this week to review their start-to-finish blizzard cleanup efforts…

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311. Super Bowl XLV Bash at McGonigal’s Pub

311.  Super Bowl XLV Bash at McGonigal’s Pub

This has been a year of “firsts” for McGonigal’s Pub in Barrington. As the pub approaches it’s first anniversary in March, they’re celebrating another “first” this weekend. It’s their inaugural Super Bowl Sunday party this Sunday, Febraury 6th, and they have a great time planned for all of their guests.

Super Bowl Party at McGonigal's Pub in Barrington, Illinois

There are two McGonigal’s party options for Super Bowl fans on Sunday…

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310. Get Ready for the "Sing-a-Long Sound of Music"

310.  Get Ready for the "Sing-a-Long Sound of Music"

Bedtime has become a challenge in our house. Within five minutes of putting my 2-year-old daughter to bed, I hear a thump and little footsteps upstairs. She recently learned how to climb out of her crib and has somehow picked up a few negotiating skills as well. I repeatedly say, “Grace. Do NOT get out of this crib.” And she repeatedly replies, “OK, Mommy. Will you sing me a song?” But she doesn’t mean ONE song. She asks for another, and another and another. So all those times I watched The Sound of Music are finally paying off. I may not be a master of song lyrics, but if I’m wrestling with a nocturnal toddler, I can sing the whole Sound of Music soundtrack if I have to. And I’m quite sure it won’t be long before she’s begging me to stop.  How serendipitous that I’ve tuned up my “Do-re-mi” just in time for next weekend’s “Sing-a-long Sound of Music” at Barrington High School celebrating the film’s 40th anniversary!

Sing a Long Sound of Music in Barrington

All are welcome to join the “Sing-a-Long Sound of Music” in the BHS Auditorium next Saturday, February 12th, at 7PM or next Sunday, February 13th, at 2PM. The ticket price is $10 and includes a screening of the classic movie in full-screen Technicolor with subtitles so the audience can sing along. Is there anyone else out there who gets weepy when you hear this song?

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309. Vote for Your Favorite Barrington Blizzard Photos

309.  Vote for Your Favorite Barrington Blizzard Photos

It’s been a snowy week here in Barrington and we have the photos to prove it! We received dozens of photo entries in our Barrington Blizzard SNOW DAY Photo Contest and it’s time to vote for your favorites so we can reveal the winner and award the grand prize.

Snow Day in Barrington, Illinois

Please take a look at this gallery of photo contest submissions and vote by checking your favorite or favorites. We’ll tally the votes and, voila, we’ll have a winner! The person who submitted the winning photo will receive a pair of tickets to see a movie at the dine-in Gold Class Cinemas theater in South Barrington, a great way to catch a movie during Oscar season.

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