317. Say "I Love You" with the Fresh Flower Market

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Barrington Fresh Flower Market

Business is blooming this weekend at the Fresh Flower Market on Main Street. They’re busy taking orders and designing flower arrangements for valentines throughout Barrington. The woman behind the bouquets knows a thing or two about surprising sweethearts. Fresh Flower Market owner, Liz Bremner, first stepped behind the scenes of a flower shop on Valentine’s day when she was only 14-years-old.

Barrington Fresh Flower Market

“My mother worked in a flower shop and it was Valentine’s Day and they needed extra help cleaning roses and helping prep things for the holiday. And I’ve been working in flower shops ever since.”

Liz started working at the Fresh Flower Market in 1997 and purchased the business from the previous owner in 2001. She and two other floral designers prepare the bouquets and her husband and co-owner, Scott, is in charge of deliveries. The Bremners carry more than just flowers in their shop. You’ll find a great selection of vases along with home and garden accents and it’s a great place to grab a gift on the go that will brighten anyone’s day. “I think flowers make you feel so much better for the little bit of money that they cost, especially in this economy. If someone cares enough about you to spend money on something that’s not a necessity, it’s a little boost of spirit and it’s very meaningful.”

Fresh Flower Market in Barrington, Illinois

Liz says her shop has more of a European influence than most American florists. “Our flowers are out on display. They’re not in coolers. They’re not in back. They’re out in vases and buckets for people to pick and choose from and to smell and enjoy.” And they have a great selection of bouquets made especially for the holiday. Roses are their most requested flower for Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses in a vase with greens and a filler are priced at $75 and Spring Bouquets are also a big hit, starting at $40. They also offer small bouquets in a Hershey Kiss container with the little Hershey tag and red flowers for $42.95. The Fresh Flower Market is taking orders by phone 24/7.  You can reach them at 847-381-7800.  You’ll find their selection online at BarringtonFreshFlowerMarket.com or you can place your order in person in the shop at 122 W. Main Street in Barrington, Illinois.  They’re open from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday, February 12th, from 10AM until 3PM on Sunday and they’re open on Monday (Valentine’s Day) from 9AM until 7PM.

Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Fresh Flower Market

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