8. Plan Your Next Party

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Kidz Parties Plus More

Here’s a great way to host a birthday party that doesn’t involve any prep work or cleanup at home.  There’s a place in the Ice House Mall called “Kidz Parties plus More” where you can host a party for kids ages three to fourteen.  Their space can accommodate up to 21 kids and they’ll set it up in the theme of your choosing.

Kidz Parties Plus More

They have the props and costumes on hand to create just about any themed party your child could want or imagine.  The owners say the “Dress Up” and “Adventure” parties are their most popular.  They throw “Rock Star” parties, “Pirate” parties, “Dinosaur” parties and “Glitz-n-Glam” parties, just to name a few of their most popular themes.

They’ll also come to you, if you’d prefer to host the party at your home and you need to rent costumes or characters.  To learn more, call 847-922-1899 or visit their website at KidzPartiesPlusMore.com.  You can also watch a video of an actual party by clicking here.

Party on!

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