288. Celebrate a First Birthday & a Birthday-to-Be

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First Birthday in Barrington

A year ago today I was lying in a bed at Good Shepherd hospital with that nervous, fearful and anxious feeling that comes with giving birth. Our son, Billy, was born that day and, as we celebrate his first birthday, I can finally announce that we’re expecting baby number three.

First Birthday in Barrington

I never expected this but, on each of our kids’ first birthdays, I’ve felt a little sense of accomplishment. For us, that first year comes with a series of rough patches, with the crying, the messes, constant diapers, sleepless nights and arguments which are inevitable when you’re sleep deprived and stressed. And yet we do it all over again.

Though I thought more time would pass before I’d be announcing another pregnancy, we couldn’t be happier about this news. Our family seems to be growing at warp speed and sometimes I worry about how I will be with three kids under three. I feel fortunate to have great friends who would say, “been there, done that” and I believe things happen as they do for a reason. Girl or boy, we’ll be so excited when we welcome our new baby at the end of July.


  1. Liz — Congratulations! You may remember I was working the night you came in to have Billy. You say you were nervous … I say you were adorable. You will love having a third baby … far less stress than the other two, I promise 🙂 p.s. Say hello to your mom for me!

    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks for writing! Yes, I remember you were working that night. Thanks for your words of encouragement 😉 and I will definitely say hi to my mom. Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon, Liz

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