The owners of Notice: Accessories for Living in Barrington pride themselves on finding unique personal accents, clothing, jewelry and gifts that will “get noticed” when you wear them. And, this holiday season, they have some great items you can give as gifts to the people on your list. But I asked them to share one great gift you can find at Notice this year and discovered a cool piece of art that will make a great present for the men or women in your life.

Notice Accessories for Living in Barrington at 202 S. Cook Street

Notice’s owner, Mari Barnes, says one of their coolest, most unusual and top-selling items for the holidays is their Graphite Art made by a man in San Francisco. He’s an artist named Agelio Batle who creates little sculptures out of graphite that you can display as art or actually use to write and they come in many shapes and sizes. “He’s very exclusive. They’re a piece of art and he doesn’t want them carried everywhere. We have his designs ranging from birds to flowers to leaves, butterflies and hands.”

Post - Graphite Objects Make Great Gifts at Notice Accessories in Barrington

Mari says they’re beautiful little sculptures for your home or office, but they’re also functional. “You can use a little sandpaper to sand them down if they get dull because you can really use them as a pencil or just leave them on your desk and they’re said to last nine years.”

Post - Graphite Objects Case at Notice

“Some artists like them because they’re a special pencil they use to sign their works of art. They’re one of the few things we’ve carried since the day we opened our first store.”

Mari Barnes Outside Notice in Barrington
Mari Barnes Outside Notice in Barrington

The Graphite Objects at Notice range in price from $30 up to $70. “And people love them because they’re so unusual and they’re unisex and just so exquisite.” But you’ll find plenty of exquisite jewelry, scarves, handbags, apparel and other personal gift items at Notice. “We’ve always been all about gifts and we love gifts because we like special things.”

Post - Holiday Displays at Notice in Barrington

You’ll find Notice: Accessories for Living at 202 S. Cook Street in Barrington.  Their phone number is 224-655-2085.  To learn more about Notice Accessories for Living, CLICK HERE to read our review in the Barrington Online Marketplace, CLICK HERE to find the store on Facebook or visit their website at

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