103. Introducing the Friday 5: Five Steps to Growing a Magic Jelly Bean Easter Garden

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It’s Friday – Good Friday, at that – and we’re excited to introduce a new series focused on this kicked-back day that kicks off the weekend.  We’re calling it the Friday 5 and it’s a series of local weekly lists.  The lists will vary from week to week from 5 Things to Love to 5 Things to Do to 5 Places to Visit.  You get the idea.  It’ll be a little something unexpected, helpful and/or fun just for you every Friday.  And we’ll always make sure the Friday 5’s have some connection to our community here in Barrington.

The "Friday 5" at 365Barrington.com
The “Friday 5” at 365Barrington.com

I’m starting the series with an Easter tradition my close friend Calle has been doing with her four kids for years.  It’s one of the things she most looks forward to on Easter weekend.  Have you heard about the magic jelly beans that grow overnight into a lollipop garden on Easter morning?  Well, today I’m sharing the 5 simple steps to wow your kids by growing an Easter garden with your own handful of magic jelly beans.

Magic Easter Jelly Beans
Magic Easter Jelly Beans

Step 1

On Good Friday or Easter Eve, find a corner in your garden, a small flower pot or a little section of grass in your yard to grow your magic jelly bean garden.

Step 2

Ask your kids to help plant your colorful jelly bean “seeds”.  (Important:  Be sure to water the garden for a little extra razzle dazzle.)

Let Your Kids Plant the Magic Jelly Beans
Let Your Kids Plant the Magic Jelly Beans

Step 3

Put kids to bed early because the magic jelly beans work better that way ;).

Step 4

Once the kids are asleep, carefully place a lollipop where each bean was planted.

Step 5

Watch the kids bolt out of bed on Easter morning to discover their magic jelly beans produced an overnight lollipop garden!

I found some pretty crafty moms online who use much cuter suckers than these old tootsies I discovered with last year’s Easter decorations down in the basement.  (I’ll be making a fresh candy run sometime this weekend.)

Voila!  Harvest Your Magic Jelly Bean Easter Garden Crop While Hunting for Easter Eggs
Voila! Harvest Your Magic Jelly Bean Easter Garden Crop While Hunting for Easter Eggs

Anyway, this is a fun thing to do with your kids, grandkids or – hey – maybe even your pets! Why not? Whatever your Easter traditions may be, have fun and enjoy the special meaning of this festive family holiday.

Post - Easter Lollipop Garden
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