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When I knew the library was going to be taking over 365 Barrington for a few days, I kept trying to think of something we could contribute that wouldn’t just be the same old blog post. It only took a walk down the stairs and into the kids’ department to make me realize what that could be.

The children who visit the library every day really, REALLY brighten our world. From the tiniest toddler dancing in story time or playing in the Digital Pond, to the cool kids making spaceships and sports cars out of the Imagination Playground blocks, to the budding artists drawing on the chalkboard or blowing our minds with a stop-motion animated film using the Light Bright Wall – well, you get the idea! What amazes me is that the kids never need any prompting from the staff. We provide the space, the tools, the comfort zone where kids are free to explore and imagine, and their minds and hearts do the rest.

So, rather than just another blog post, here’s something special we created just for 365 Barrington – a kid’s-eye video tour of the new Youth Services department at the library!

A Kid-Friendly Video Tour of the Barrington Area Library
A Kid-Friendly Video Tour of the Barrington Area Library

I got to spend a few happy hours editing this footage that our staff took all week, and it’s rare that I smile and laugh that much sitting at my desk. I hope it makes you smile, too, and, if you haven’t brought your children over to visit our new library, I hope this will inspire you to do so.

Sit back, relax, and take a tour with the friendliest kids in town! You can learn more about the kids’ department by visiting their special part of our website: www.balibrary.org/kids. Thank you to all the children, parents and caregivers who worked with us to make the video.

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