304. Aging Better: BACOA to Offer Free Medicare Part D Consultations

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It is back! The annual open enrollment period for Medicare begins October 15 and runs through December 7th, 2015. Medicare enrollees can switch their current Medicare Part D (prescription drug benefit) plan, or enroll for the first time and the Barrington Area Council on Aging is available to help review medical plans FOR FREE because costs change every year.

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If you are currently in a Medicare Part D plan, the insurer is required to send an Annual Notice of Change to all of its members. This package has information about the upcoming 2016 changes. Among the information that enrollees should look for:

  • How much will my premium be in 2016?
  • How much will my deductible be in 2016?
  • Are my drugs still covered by the plan or has it changed tiers?
    The plan may have added certain restrictions that it may not have had in 2015
  • Has my overall cost changed?

If you are satisfied with the changes to your current plan and believe the plan fits your needs, you do not have to do anything; the plan will automatically renew January 1, 2016.

The Barrington Area Council on Aging encourages everyone to review their plans every fall because formularies (the list of prescriptions covered) and plan costs change every year.

If you want to enroll, review, or change your plan, or the plan for your parent or loved one, call the Council on Aging at (847) 381-5030 to schedule a consultation appointment immediately–appointments fill quickly.

Founded thirty years ago, BACOA exists to promote #AgingBetter, or vibrant, healthy aging through activities, education, and support to adults and caregivers. BACOA serves approximately 1,200 individuals a year and assists the community in the following ways:

Information on housing options or in-home care services * Meals-with-Wheels * Enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid * Counseling on insurance, benefits and Medicare Part D * Support and education groups for seniors and caregivers * Activities and programs for active seniors * A day respite program for older adults * Educational programs and services for the community on issues related to aging

To see how BACOA embraces their mission daily, search #AgingBetter for their social media updates and find more information about their programs at BACOA.org.

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