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Barrington Area Library Youth Reading Programs

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t have to mean giving the books a break. In fact, the summer reading season is getting into full swing at the Barrington Area Library and today a little birdie told me about the library’s YABAL Babble blog.

Barrington Area Library Youth Reading Programs

That’s right, it’s called YABAL Babble and it’s the Barrington Area Library’s blog for young adults. So, here’s the scoop on YABAL Babble… YABAL is an acronym which stands for “Young Adults of the Barrington Area Library“.  Those are the library’s 9th through 12th grade readers and you’ll find the blog at this link:



Stephenie Meyer's, The Short Second Life of Bree TannerThe librarian behind the blog is Stephanie Savage.  She keeps the site updated with information about popular books and suggested summer reads.  Savage says that one of the most popular books soon to be at the Barrington Area Library is Stephenie Meyer’s newest novella, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner“.  Bree Tanner is a vampire character who appeared at the end of Meyer’s “Eclipse” novel, the third in her vampire series of books, and now movies, called “Twilight“.

Savage says the Barrington Area Library has 10 of these new books on order, they’re hoping to receive their shipment sometime this week and there’s already a waiting list!

In addition to blurbs about books, the YABALBabble blog includes posts about other summer reading activitities like the “Summer Library Club” for 9th through 12th grade readers. Kids who read books this summer and submit book reviews on the library’s website are eligible each week to win gift cards at local stores. The library is also running a “24/7 Art Contest” for these young readers where artists can submit photos and other artwork online through July 31st. The library will offer online voting and the favorites from the 24/7 art contest will also win prizes.

To learn more about the Barrington Area Library’s summer reading club, click HERE.  To read more about the library’s “24/7 Art Contest” click HERE.  To find the library on Facebook, click HERE, to find the library on Twitter, click HERE and you’ll find the actual library located at 505 N. Northwest Highway in Barrington, Illinois.  Or you can always give the library a call at 847-382-1300.  Babble on!

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