183. Chessie’s 111 Grille Homecoming Weekend Party

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Chessie's 111 Grille Barrington High School Homecoming

The countdown to Barrington’s Homecoming Weekend has begun! Be sure to check back tomorrow because I’ll have the full rundown of events planned for parade and game day this Saturday. But I wanted to be sure to let you know about a huge Homecoming party happening all day Saturday and hosted by two BHS grads who own Chessie’s 111 Grille at The Ice House Mall.

Chessie's 111 Grille Barrington High School Homecoming

It’s basically a big pre and post-party for Saturday’s Homecoming Parade and will take place in the restaurant’s parking lot at The Ice House Mall. There will be hundreds of Barrington High School students, alumni, their families, friends and neighbors there to celebrate.  Parking is free, so you can pull in for the parade and stay for the party.  And, just like last year, they’re going to be taking a big BHS alumni photo right at 12:15PM.

The Petersens Host Barrington Homecoming PartyThe hosts of the party are the restaurant’s owners, Steve and Lisa Petersen. They both graduated from Barrington High School, they own several businesses in town, including Petersen & Son Plumbing, Petersen Construction and RSVP’s 2 Bar & Restaurant. The Petersens say they can’t wait to see their fellow classmates and welcome anyone from the community to be there. The party starts at 9:30AM and lasts until close. There will be burgers, brats, beer, bloody marys and a great menu available from the kitchen and bar.

Chessie’s 111 Grille is also hosting four Barrington High School class reunions this weekend for the classes of 1955, 1965, 1970 and 1990.  It is absolutely one of THE PLACES TO BE in Barrington this homecoming weekend!

Homecoming Reunion Central in Barrington

Chessies’s 111 Grill is also getting ready to debut some great new menu items, which include new salads and fish entrees. They offer $5 chicken sandwiches on Mondays, $5 burgers on Tuesdays and $5 pulled pork sandwiches on Wednesdays. (all with fries) And the Petersen’s have offered this week’s prize for the winner of our “Guess Where Wednesday” contest here at 365Barrington.com. Click HERE to see and submit your guess for the mystery photo and you could win a $50 gift card to the restaurant!

You’ll find Chessies 111 Grill in The Ice House Mall at 200 Applebee Street in Barrington and you’ll find them on Facebook by clicking HERE.  And if you want to find some familiar faces, find your way to Saturdays Homecoming party!


  1. Liz – I guess I didn’t really understand how much this is to maintain, but like Kathleen I love this blog. Unlike Kathleen I do live here and found this blog to be informative and creative and I have learned a lot. I have lived here all my life, with the exception 5 years when I immaturely stated I’d had enough of the winters and moved to Florida. Well, let me tell you…I’m back and the next time I leave they’ll have to blast me out. I’ve seen a lot of changes and I’ve seen a lot stay the same. I love the blog, applaud the effort and check it every day, when I have time.


    • Thanks, Bill. I really do love interviewing people and writing this blog, but I spend a lot of time working on it every day. Sometimes my husband has to pry my hands off my keyboard to get me to stop ;). I sincerely appreciate your nice words and I thank you for visiting and for your “mystery photo” guesses. Please let me know if there’s anything or anyone who you think I should write about here and I’ll hop to it! Have a great weekend, Liz

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I was at RSVP’s with my daughter on Monday night when the Bears played. You took a photo of us in our Bears jerseys. I would love to get a copy from you. I have so few photos with her now that she is older. Please let me know if that is possible.



    • Hi Cathy, I’m so happy that you wrote! Thanks for being here. I remember taking a super cute photo of two ladies in Bears jerseys. I thought to myself, “I bet they’d like a copy of this.” I’ll be writing about RSVP’s in the coming weeks. The photos are all still on my camera. When I download them all to my computer, I will email you the photo first, before I do anything else. (I’d do it sooner, but my computer is maxed out on space so I have to delete stuff before I can add more stuff.) Thanks again for writing, I promise I’ll be in touch soon and have a great night, Liz

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