234. Have a Talk with a 10-Month-Old

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High Chair Baby

I sat my son down the other day and we had a talk. It was right after he got the best of a kiwi. I told him, Baby, I know you’re just a baby, but there’s something very important that I want you to remember when you grow up.” He blew a few bubbles, made a goofy face and then he became silent.

High Chair Baby

And, trying very hard to sound wise I said, “Billy, there will be times in your life when you’ll feel totally frustrated. There won’t be enough hours in the day. Your kids will keep you up at night. Your house will be a mess, the bills will pile up and you might say rotten things to telemarketers or even the people who matter to you most. But, whatever you do, fall asleep each night thinking of one thing for which you are thankful.”

He squealed, burped and threw his peas on the floor and I felt a little bit better.

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