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11. Find Spring Treasures at Ice House Antique Show

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Somehow I’ve trained my two-year-old to say “It’s a happy day!” first thing when she wakes up. She shouts this out at the first signs of sunlight, even if it’s dark, stormy and I feel like crawling back into bed. But today, it really LOOKS like a happy day. The sun is shining (at least for now), the forecast calls 70 degrees and I feel like getting outside and planting something in the garden. But first, I’m heading over to the third annual Spring Antique and Garden Show at the Ice House Mall. It’s happening all day today and tomorrow and there are treasures to be found that are sure bring some sunshine into your own home or garden.

Find Antiques in Barrington, Illinois

The Barrington Spring Antique and Garden Show is getting underway as we speak…

The doors will be open from 10AM through 5PM Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, May 1st.  Antiques dealers have set up stations throughout the Ice House Mall. You’ll find unique and one-of-a-kind antique garden furniture and vintage accessories. Over 30 regional and local designers are featuring their collections for sale at this year’s show. You’re sure to find new favorite garden furniture, accent pieces, accessories, jewelry, pottery, shabby chic decor and much more!

The show is FREE and Open to the Public. You’ll find the Ice House Mall at 200 Applebee Street in Barrington. There’s plenty of parking and, if you’ve never been to the Ice House Mall, it’s an antique in and of itself. It was originally built in 1904 as the Bowman Dairy. Farmers would bring their milk cans to town by wagon for it to be processed and bottled in pints and quarts. In 1926, the Bowman Dairy closed down the plant and was bought by Suburban Ice Company which transformed the dairy to an ice plant. Jefferson Ice Company purchased the plant in 1930 and enlarged the ice making and storage facilities. We’ll write more about the history of the Ice House Mall one day here at In the meantime, you’ll find an historic overview at

Find Antiques in Barrington

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