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Some of us may not be proud that the number one food consumed in America in July is hot dogs. But it’s true. 155 million alone will be consumed this upcoming weekend according to the National Hot Dog council. I much prefer eating healthier options, as I know many of you agree. But on an occasion like this, I say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.


Dogs will be the option many places you go over the Fourth of July festivities, including our beloved Brat tent. And you can buy them cheaper right now than at any time during the year. I love experimenting with different flavors and condiments, and saucing up a hot dog the way they do it in other parts of the world can add to the fun.

If you are serving dogs this weekend, here’s some topping ideas from other parts of the country and world…

In the United States, mustard is the most common topping according to a poll by the Hot Dog Council in 2005. But Americans don’t stop there…

A Chicago-style dog is topped with yellow mustard, dark green relish, onions, tomato slices, celery salt and served in a steamed poppy seed bun. Additional common toppings can include sport peppers, a dill pickle and sauerkraut.

New York serves them with steamed onions and pale yellow mustard sauce.

In Detroit, a Coney Island dog is served with chili sauce (coney sauce), onion and mustard.

In Atlanta and other areas of the Southern U.S. a dog is “dragged through the garden”, or, topped with coleslaw.

In Kansas City they’re served with sauerkraut and melted Swiss.

The Rockie Dog – served at Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies – is served with grilled peppers, sauerkraut and onions.

The Fenway Frank served at Fenway Park is in a New England style bun with mustard and relish.

Chili, cheese and jalapenos make the Texas Dog the favored item at Minute Maid ballpark in Houston.

Around the globe, people get even more adventurous with their dog toppings…

In South Korea, vendors coat them with sugar.

In Denmark and Norway, hot dogs, or “pølse”, are served with bacon and or cheese.

In Quebec, Canada, “Michigan”-style hot dogs are served with spaghetti sauce.

In some parts of South America, known as perros calientes, they are often served with potato chip crumbs, sliced onion, Colombian country cheese, honey, ketchup or mustard (and sometimes a little cooked quail egg on top).

In Chile, street vendors sell completos, literally meaning complete, topped with diced tomatoes, saurkraut, ketchup, sweet mustard, and mayonnaise. The vendors often provide ají, a spicy red pepper sauce to accompany the completo. Replace the saurkraut with guacamole, and you’ve got an Italiano.

In Venezuela, street vendors offer “perros con todo”, or “dogs with all” with finely chopped cabbage, potato chip crumbs, chopped onion, white cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and tomato sauce. Additional condiments offered include salsa, tartar sauce, Tabasco, guasacaca, cheese sauce, garlic sauce, onion sauces, and American BBQ sauce.

In Austria and parts of Germany, customers at hot dog stands have the option of eating sausage on a plate or having it served in “hot dog form”, which comes in a hollowed out baguette.

Check out the recipes section of my website at OrganizingDinner.com for other Fourth of July food options, including a fantastic recipe for slow-cooked ribs, and red white and blue fruit skewers, burgers, and dessert.  They’re a patriotic accompaniment to any style frank and perfect for the Fourth of July.

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Kelly Donlea is a Barrington mom, chef, cookbook author the owner of Organizing Dinner, a company that brings sensible cooking solutions to busy people. She has published several cookbooks and one of her specialties is helping parents plan family meals with fewer trips to the grocery store. Kelly also offers cooking classes and demonstrations in your home or public facility. To learn more about Kelly, her recipes and her services, you’ll find her Facebook page by clicking HERE and her website at OrganizingDinner.com. Kelly is going to be sharing recipes, cooking tips and special features about chefs and popular menu items at area restaurants right here at 365Barrington.com.

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