BAVC Celebrates Citizens for Conservation 50th Anniversary for Volunteer Month!

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*Patty Barten with Citizens for Conservation contributed to this piece with featured photo (above) by Mary Martinez & Sandhill Crane image below by Steve Barten – thank you!

The Barrington Area is fortunate to have a focus on conservation from several local nonprofits. This week Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) is highlighting Citizens For Conservation (CFC) in celebration of Earth Month and in honor of their 50th anniversary!

Over the years, CFC’s mission has been three-fold: to Educate, to Restore and to Preserve. Created by concerned citizens, CFC remains a volunteer-based organization even today. Their success is a celebration for the entire community.

CFC has been educating our community about the importance of preserving our natural resources through interactive programs that range from elementary to high school to adult levels. Children in the community can learn from a young age how to protect our resources and are inspired by being part of nature. Additionally, CFC provides volunteer opportunities for students who want to learn or collect hours as well as internship opportunities for college students who are studying Ecology related majors.

Protecting our area since the early 1970’s, CFC currently manages almost 500 acres of preserves as well as helps protect public lands in the greater Barrington area. By stewarding these areas, CFC is continuing its goal of protecting and linking important ecosystems in the environment around us.

CFC has many types of volunteer opportunities covering a wide range of interests and skills. Everyone can help nature! In addition to in-person activities, there is a growing number of “remote and virtual” volunteers helping with digital and back-office type efforts. Many people volunteer to learn from CFC’s experts and its community of knowledgeable volunteers. Whatever your interests, hobbies, experiences, and skills may be, they can all help nature through CFC efforts.

CFC is best known for its year-round and highly successful restoration efforts. They also monitor birds and wildlife, cultivate rare native seeds, help homeowners integrate native plants into their landscapes, and inspire youth with hands-on nature experiences,

“CFC has grown to be an organization known for its education programs and restoration work, all accomplished by our generous volunteers. We look forward to our future opportunities to positively impact our community, and invite you to join us!”

– Kathleen Leitner, President, Citizens For Conservation.

This year, in celebration of the 50th anniversary, CFC is hosting events throughout the year. This month celebration combines it with Earth Day and the Barrington Greenway Initiative on April 24th at Flint Creek Savanna. Following COVID guidelines, volunteers of all ages can register to help CFC with planting at their Earth Day event. Confirmations required for participation due to COVID guidelines.

Please visit to register. Confirmations will be emailed to you. Special restoration events can be set up for groups of 10 – 15 people.

To learn more about CFC’s role over the last 50 years, click here to view their anniversary book.

Help BAVC celebrate Volunteer Month and volunteer within your local community! Visit today to sign up today for any of the above volunteer events, create your profile or to get more information.

For more information or to begin using the Volunteer Connection as either a nonprofit or a resident seeking out volunteer opportunities, please go to

*Spring Creek Forest Preserve Photos by Bob Lee

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