Barrington Area Volunteer Connection Sparks Spring Volunteer Surge

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In the last two months, residents have been very active on the new Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) website at!

From early April trough the end of May, BAVC had over 175 volunteer responses to a variety of nonprofit needs through our platform so far this spring!

With summer coming and Covid restrictions lifting, local nonprofit organizations are looking for more volunteers again both indoor and outdoor, so keep checking back on the BAVC website as needs are updated often.

Anyone age 13 or older who wants to volunteer can find nonprofit opportunities available on BAVC. Volunteer opportunities listed will show if they are ongoing or event specific so you can pick what suits you depending on your time and interest.

Click here to view all upcoming Barrington area volunteer opportunities.

Current Volunteer Needs Include…

Also, each week BAVC shares a profile of one of our nonprofits on our website to help residents find resources within the greater Barrington area — we encourage you to check them out at

Last – we would love feedback from you! If you have any volunteer photos or experiences to share, please send us a message at

About the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection

Launched in January of 2021, the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) was developed via a partnership between Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Library. BAVC’s goal is to bring all 100+ Barrington area nonprofits, churches and service organizations in one searchable database so that volunteers can easily find opportunities. The foundation of BAVC is a volunteer match platform called Get Connected which serves as a clearinghouse to bring together organizations, volunteers, and collaborators to match volunteer interests with nonprofits needing assistance. GetConnected also offers organizations optional features such as easy record keeping of volunteer hours, as well as mobile check in and shift reminders and other ways to communicate with volunteers. Learn more at * BAVC Photos by Bob Lee

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