Volunteer Opportunities On the Rise in Barrington – Here’s Who Needs Our Help!

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National Volunteer Month is coming up in April and there’s no shortage of volunteer opportunities locally. The Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) kicked off its 2nd year with even more volunteer opportunities for residents. Whether you are interested in onsite or virtual volunteering, BAVC can help you find the right fit in a few easy steps!

Here’s a sampling of current in-person & onsite needs:

Mane in Heaven
We are looking for volunteers to help groom, train, attend visits with our magical mini horses and to help with our inclusion program, Hope Boxes, and Mini Mail. Click here to learn more.

Teaching Assistant at Kaleidoscope
Spend some time on Thursday creating art with some adorable preschool students! We are looking for a volunteer teaching assistant to join our Preschool Outreach programs. Click here to learn more.

Cuba Township Food Pantry Guides
Give back by making a difference to local residents in a two hour shift by packing their groceries and walking them to their cars. Click here to learn more.

Walk On Farm
Enjoy working with horses? Barn volunteers to help out with horses, lesson assistance and barn chores are needed. Various days of week and times available! Click here to learn more.

Barrington’s White House Hospitality Volunteer 
Be part of Barrington’s cultural hub! Join a group of hospitality volunteers to provide support at various events throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons. Click here to learn more.

For volunteers looking for virtual opportunities, current opportunities on BAVC include:

The Barrington Career Center Volunteer (TBCC)
Help someone start a new career! TBCC is looking for volunteers to help clients of all ages and backgrounds explore career choices and coach them through the process of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, and other training. Click here to learn more.

Little City Skilled-based class facilitators
Share your passion or hobby and change the lives of others at the same time! We need virtual volunteers to teach classes to our participants with intellectual disabilities. Click here to learn more.

Rahab’s Daughter Administrative Support
Every organization needs people who keep the lights on! Rahab’s Daughter would love volunteers to assist with office support, social media & website OR as part of the Finance/Bookkeeping Team. Click here to learn more.

District 220 Educational Foundation Writer
Looking for person who enjoys writing press releases, newsletter articles or grants to help us with ongoing communications projects. Some flexibility with timetables depending on project. Click here to learn more.

You can find many more in-person and virtual needs on the BAVC platform!

Log on to www.thebavc.org for more information or click on the ‘Get Connected Today’ tab to sign up.

About the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection

Launched in January of 2021, the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) was developed via a partnership between Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Library. BAVC’s goal is to bring all 100+ Barrington area nonprofits, churches and service organizations in one searchable database so that volunteers can easily find opportunities. The foundation of BAVC is a volunteer match platform called Get Connected which serves as a clearinghouse to bring together organizations, volunteers, and collaborators to match volunteer interests with nonprofits needing assistance. GetConnected also offers organizations optional features such as easy record keeping of volunteer hours, as well as mobile check in and shift reminders and other ways to communicate with volunteers. Learn more at TheBAVC.org. * BAVC Photos by Bob Lee

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