4 Ways to Fall Into Volunteering with The BAVC This Season

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As the summer draws to an end with the new school year underway, this is the time to rethink your schedule and figure out what the next year brings. Adults find themselves with more time as the kids are no longer home all day while students want to start earning volunteer hours again and get involved with organizations that may help them with future goals. Regardless of the reason, Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) is the source for finding what interests you!

Here are a few BAVC listings that require immediate help:

1. One Million Degrees (OMD) – Support community college students on their paths to success! Volunteer just 2-3 hours a month from October – May and make a difference in the lives of OMD scholars at nearby Harper College! Coaches help scholars set goals, navigate college and career exploration, and provide guidance balancing school, work, life. (Several of our BAVC committee members have joined too!) Click here to learn more.

2. The SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program – is the Barrington-area’s most experienced and comprehensive animal-assisted therapy program for comfort, healing and improved well-being. Soul Harbour has several volunteer opportunities from working directly with the animals to helping with admin/fundraising work. Click here to sign up.

3. Music Blocks – Lesson Assistant Needed! The volunteer would help teachers accompany students to their piano lessons classroom at Sunny Hill Elementary from their Boys and Girls Club activity at Sunny Hill and return them to the Boys and Girls Club following their lesson. No musical knowledge or training required – just an interest in working with kids! Click here to learn more and sign up.

4. The Bridge Youth & Family Services – Offering comprehensive list of services that help kids overcome trauma and cope with mental health issues. Volunteer opportunities include youth mentoring (ages 11 – 15) and board positions. Click here to learn more and sign up.

For more volunteer opportunities or to find a nonprofit, please visit the BAVC website at thebavc.org.

About the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection

Barrington Giving Day is part of the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC. Launched in January of 2021, the BAVC was developed via a partnership between Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Library. BAVC’s goal is to bring all 100+ Barrington area nonprofits, churches and service organizations in one searchable database so that volunteers can easily find opportunities. The foundation of BAVC is a volunteer match platform called Get Connected which serves as a clearinghouse to bring together organizations, volunteers, and collaborators to match volunteer interests with nonprofits needing assistance. GetConnected also offers organizations optional features such as easy record keeping of volunteer hours, as well as mobile check in and shift reminders and other ways to communicate with volunteers. Learn more at TheBAVC.org. * BAVC Photos by Bob Lee

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