198. VIDEO: Property Owners Clean Up after Damaging Storms Hit the Village of Barrington

Hundreds of Barrington Village homes and businesses lost power due to strong storms that passed through the area early Monday morning. Property owners and public works crews spent the day cleaning up after powerful winds downed trees and damaged homes and cars throughout the Village and there are more storms in the forecast for this week. 

Post - Barrington Storm Damage - 6

High winds even tore part of the the roof off, causing flooding at the Village’s public works building on Raymond where emergency repairs were underway throughout the day

365Barrington filmer and producer Gus Goetze set out to survey the damage and spoke to one resident who says this morning’s storms were a close call, causing quite a scare and a major mess surrounding their Raymond Avenue home.

Giant trees spit and fell, nearly missing homes throughout the village, including one tree that came dangerously close to crushing the facade of Barrington Bank and Trust on Route 59, causing a road closure along Lake Street for most of the day.  Fallen trees and branches were spotted throughout town.

Chicago news crews traveled to Barrington for their storm coverage today to interview residents about the damage.  For the latest updates on weather warnings, street closures and storm damage throughout the Barrington area, click here to visit the Village of Barrington’s Facebook page.

Post - Barrington Storm Damage - 4

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