47. Make Friends with the Ice Cream Man

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Ice Cream at Kaleidoscoops in Barrington

Last night my husband and I decided to take our kids on a stroll to our neighborhood ice cream shop. It was meant to be a quick excursion, but turned out to be one of our baby girl’s “firsts”. We stepped up to the counter at Kaleidoscoops on Main Street and placed our order, planning to share a scoop with our 20-month-old daughter. But shop owner and ice cream man, Gary Dandona, decided Grace needed a mini-cone of her own.  Now that she’s had her first, there’s no turning back.  Goodbye clean and hello messy!

Ice Cream at Kaleidoscoops in Barrington

Kaleidoscoops in BarringtonGary has owned Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream parlor in downtown Barrington since 2004. He lives in the Barrington Village and has three kids in the Barrington schools. Gary says his job is joyful because of the feedback he gets daily. He says there are few professions where your clients get so excited about your product that they actually jump up and down with glee. Now I’ve had some satisfied customers over the years, but if I could only get them to jump up and down like that, I’d be one happy Realtor!

When it comes to the selection at Kaleidoscoops, their flavor-packed menu is so clever and creative, it will make your mouth water and make you want more.

The Ice Cream Man at KaleidoscoopsFor kids, Gary recommends flavors like “Play Dough” (vanilla ice cream with chunks of tasty pink and blue cookie dough), “Superman” (a combination of color and flavor with lemon, strawberry and blue raspberry ice creams) and “Trash Can” (vanilla ice cream with a swirl of chocolate and a mix of cookie dough pieces sprinkled with caramelized nuts). He says their “Birthday Cake” and “Bubble Gum” flavors are also big hits with the younger crowd.

But Gary knows what the adults like, too. They favor the flavors that are more traditional or “evergreen” like chocolate, vanilla, black cherry and pistachio almond. If you’re watching your waistline, Kaleidoscoops also offers soft serve frozen yogurt, with only 100 calories and 0-grams of fat. And Kaleidoscoops goes way beyond the ice cream. You can choose a specialty cone, too. They have crispy pretzel cones, chocolate chip cones, cookie cones and cones baked with M-&-M’s inside. If you prefer something a little fancier, they have banana splits, banana royales, brownie sundaes and waffle cone sundaes on their menu along with ice cream cakes and pies for special occasions.

Kaleidoscoops is open seven days a week from 10AM until 10PM from now through September, when they’ll return to their winter hours from noon until 8PM.  You’ll find their full list of flavors and other menu items on their website at Kaleidoscoops.com.  Now that Grace has tasted her first ice cream cone, I have a feeling “Ice Cream Man Gary” will be one of her favorite people to visit.

Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream in Barrington

Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream Shop

106 West Main Street

Barrington, Illinois 60010


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