Dollar Subs at Jimmy Johns

71. Dollar Subs at Jimmy John’s!!!

Home Newsroom 71. Dollar Subs at Jimmy John’s!!!

Holy Totally Tuna! They’re lining up at the Jimmy John’s for lunch today in Barrington. That’s because the “World’s Greatest Gourmet Sandwich” shop is serving up dollar sub sandwiches for customer appreciation day.

Dollar Subs at Jimmy Johns

But you’d better hurry up. This one-day-only dollar sub opportunity only lasts until 3 this afternoon. Their #1 through #6 sandwiches plus the BLT are all only $1.00. They usually cost $4.89. Sweet!

Lining Up for Dollar Subs at the Jimmy Johns

You’ll find the Barrington Jimmy John’s at 168 S. Northwest Highway on the west side of the street just South of Lake Cook Road. If you’re close enough to walk or ride your bike, that might be a good idea.  Jimmy John’s is a popular place this afternoon and parking may be a little tight.

And don’t forget the popular lunch spot’s motto, “Your mom wants you to eat at Jimmy John’s!”  Well, if it makes mom happy…you can enjoy a tasty dollar sub AND do your good deed for the day all during the lunch hour.  Not a bad way to eat!

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