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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in "Eclipse" - Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Fans of the “Twilight” vampire saga will be lining up tonight at midnight outside Barrington theaters for the release of the latest movie in the series, “Eclipse”. It’s the third book in the sequence in which 18-year-old Bella Swan realizes she loves vampire, Edward Cullen more than werewolf, Jacob Black and helps defeat an “army” of newborn vampires hunting people in Seattle.  Sounds crazy, I know.  But if you’ve read these books, you know how action packed they are.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in "Eclipse" - Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

South Barrington’s dine-in Gold Class Cinemas at The Arboretum has already sold over 1,000 tickets to the new movie and they’re featuring a special “Vampire Menu” to sink your fangs into during all showings of the movie. Here are some items from their special menu:

  • Vegetarian Steaks with Bloody Aioli
  • Volturi Flatbread
  • Werewolf Chicken Fritters
  • Jacob’s Killer Brownie
  • Edward’s Cold Kiss

Gold Class Cinemas at the Arboretum of South BarringtonThe food at Gold Class Cinemas ranges from $6 to $19 and is served during the movies by the theater’s “Ninja” team.  They’re servers dressed in black trained to quietly slip in and out of the theaters so they don’t disrupt the movies.  Theater managers say it’ll be quite a crowd tonight and they expect many of their guests to show up in “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” t-shirts and some in costume, too.

Gold Class Cinemas at the South Barrington ArboretumBut “Eclipse” is just one of several movies currently playing at the theater.  They have 8 theaters in the South Barrington location.  6 of those theaters hold 40 people and 2 have seating for 24.  They also have a full bar serving over 80 bottles of wine and signature cocktails, including a special menu for the movie, “Sex in the City”.

The movie tickets typically cost $25, but they only cost $20 on Sundays through Thursdays if you register as a member on their website. They also have a special promotion going on right now. From now through July 15th, you can get a FREE movie ticket if you sign up to become a Gold Class member (at no charge) at GoldClassCinemas.com.  Here are the details:

Gold Class Cinemas Free Ticket Promotion

You’ll find the Gold Class Cinemas at the Arboretum of South Barrington at 100 W. Higgins Road. You can call them at 224-293-1001.You’ll find their featured movies and times by clicking HEREMany of the first “Eclipse” showings are SOLD OUT, so please check ticket availability online before you head to the theater.  Reservations at this theater are recommended, especially for evening shows.  And to help whet your whistle for tonight’s vampire action, here’s a link to the “Eclipse” movie trailer:

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