245. 1st Annual 365Barrington Holiday Lights Contest

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Holiday Lights from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Even if you try to ignore it, there is no escaping the fact that Christmastime is here.  “The Holiday Lite has been broadcasting radio holiday tunes since well before Thanksgiving, Christmas commercials have taken over the TV and holiday lights are popping up on homes throughout Barrington. So I decided to just give in to the holiday hype and give our weekly Wednesday photo contest a yule-tide twist for the month of December. Between now and Christmas, we’ll be accepting nominations here at 365Barrington.com for the best Barrington Christmas lights. And you don’t have to decorate your home like Clark Griswold to win this contest!

Holiday Lights from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

If you or someone you know goes all out with their Christmas decorations or lights up their home beautifully, we’d love to hear about it. There are FOUR winning categories in this contest:

The Holiday Lights Contest winning categories are:

  1. White Light Wonderland
  2. Colored Light Champion
  3. North Pole Neighborhood
  4. The Griswold Award

2010 Barrington Griswold AwardYou can upload your own photo in the form below or share an address or an approximate location and I’ll drop by and snap a picture to feature here at 365Barrington.com. If you know of a particular community that is beautifully lit up this year, you can also nominate the best decorated neighborhood in our contest.  If you would prefer, please feel free to email your nominations directly to me at Liz@365Barrington.com. I’ll share the photos here in the coming weeks and we’ll end the contest by honoring the best holiday decorators with a very special award. But I can’t scout these out on my own. I definitely need your help and YOUR NOMINATIONS ARE ANONYMOUS, so please fill out the nomination form and we’ll get this party started.

Be sure to visit us throughout the month of December to see which decorations make it into our contest. In the meantime, here’s a little Clark Griswold action for some inspiration.

And just to follow up on our “Guess Where Wednesday” mystery photo contest from last week, we just drew the winner’s name and it is Casey Kozlowski! I’ll be emailing you this afternoon, Casey, with details about how to receive your $25 gift card to the Ice House Mall. You were right, I took the photo of the “Free Smells” sign outside the Jimmy John’s sub shop on Barrington’s Northwest Highway. Click HERE to see the mystery photo and all our guesses from last week. All this talk about Jimmy Johns is making me hungry. I’ll be watching for your holiday lights contest nominations, but for now I’m going to test out the Jimmy John’s motto, “Subs So Fast You’ll Freak!”

Jimmy Johns on Northwest Highway in Barrington


  1. Hahaha, thanks for posting the “Christmas Vacation” clip, Liz! I love this movie and watch it about this time every year!


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