27. Meet & Encourage Barrington’s Youngest Artists

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Children's Activities at the Barrington Art Festival

The people in charge of this weekend’s Barrington Art Festival are shining a spotlight on the area’s youngest artists this year. For the first time, they’re devoting a section of the festival to youth artists who will be displaying their works for sale and there will also be a children’s art activity area where kids of all ages can slip on a smock, roll up their sleeves and create their own masterpieces.

Children's Activities at the Barrington Art Festival

The family fun is totally FREE and it will definitely be a highlight of this year’s festival!

The youth art tent will be set up on Lake Street. Be sure to drop by with your kids before you peruse the festival because they’ll be hosting an “Art Festival Scavenger Hunt” this year. You can pick up a card which will give your kids a list of things to spot as you’re checking out the artists’ exhibits. They’ll be asked to find things like paintings with sunsets, sculptures of people and easy things like that. Festival organizer, Amy Amdur, says this activity is specifically designed to engage the kids, get them involved and encourage them to take a closer look at the artwork on display. And I’m hoping THAT will help me keep my little one from snoozing through the fest like she did last year.

Fun for Kids at the Barrington Art Festival

There will also be a fun “Paint-a-Wall” exercise for kids in the youth art tent along with Potter’s Wheel demonstrations, which I hear are fascinating to watch. Barrington’s own Kaleidoscope School of Art is coordinating the children’s art activities this year and they’ll be providing smocks for the kids to use as well.

There will also be a section of booths set up near the youth art tent devoted to Barrington’s youngest art exhibitors and that’s new this year. The Youth Art Division will showcase the original works of artists ages 6 to 18. You can check out or purchase their pieces, show them some support and encourage them to continue creating and learning their crafts. Amdur says, “I was in my first art show when I was five years old and it made a big difference in my life. It’s a way of giving families in Barrington an opportunity for their children to actively participate in a cultural activity. Some of the kids are showing and selling their work and I’ve seen kids give the money to a cause that’s important to the family. It’s a new tradition that we hope will become an ongoing part of the festival.”

You’ll find the children’s art tent and the young exhibitors set up under the shady trees on Lake Street. Don’t forget to pay them a visit. They’ll be bright eyed and eager to see us!

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