124. Monday Morning Mojo: “Red Solo Cup”

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When I was a TV news reporter in the Quad Cities, somehow I was always the one assigned to do live reports from the local country-western bar on the night of the Country Music Awards. Though I like country music, it’s not my go-to genre. Nonetheless, I’d always wear cowboy boots and find a cowboy hat to borrow from someone in the crowd to look the part for my live (think extreme dork) reports. Maybe that’s why I continue to tune-in for the Academy of Country Music awards each year and I had an “aha” moment during the show last night. Today’s Monday Morning Mojo was decided when I heard this “deep thought” sung by Toby Keith while performing his crowd favorite, Red Solo Cup.

Red Solo Cup was written by a group of singer-songwriters called The Warren Beavers and is the only song on Keith’s 2011 Clancy’s Tavern album that he did not co-write. But Keith told Country Music Television that Red Solo Cup was “the stupidest song that I have ever heard in my life, but also “freakin’ awesome.” And that’s why I’ve decided to feature this poignant tribute to the ever popular party cups in today’s Monday Morning Mojo.  Please excuse the profanities while I look for the cleaner, “edited” version. If you’re OK with a few bad words, crank your speakers before pushing play and have a Happy Monday!

And, just in case you want a closer look at the lyrics, there’s a gal named GloZell who breaks it down on YouTube. She’ll crack you up, but please heed this WARNING: Don’t watch unless you have an extra five minutes to kill.


Noun: The day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday.

morn·ing /ˈmôrniNG/

Noun: The period of time between midnight and noon.

mo·jo /ˈmōˌjō/

Noun: A magic charm, talisman, or spell.

Can’t see the video? CLICK HERE

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