201. Let Your Family Come First

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Our son Tommy gets his exercise speed crawling toward me as I race to clean dishes, make dinner or answer emails. I’ll admit, I’m pretty good at dodging those little hands to keep on course. When I pick him up and give him some of my attention, he puts his head on my shoulder and keeps it there. A pause and a hug are all that it takes to make him happy. As the oldest in my family, I can’t speak from experience about what it’s like to be the “baby”. But as the mother of three children, it feels so great to finally give the littlest one the spotlight.

Tommy celebrated his first birthday today, which feels a little like our own milestone, too. One year ago, we were dying to meet him. Tonight, we’re so thankful that he’s part of our family and we can’t wait until this day next year. He’ll blow that candle out by himself with abandon, he won’t let his older sister unwrap all his gifts and he’ll have a bigger voice to let us all know what’s on his mind.

We love you, Tommy. Happy first birthday!

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