221. 10,000 Monthly Visits Surpassed at 365Barrington.com

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We recently reached a big goal here at 365Barrington.com. Since I created this website and started publishing stories about people and places here in Barrington, we have hoped that one day our site traffic would grow to over 10,000 monthly visits. We picked that initial 10,000 target based on population statistics for the Barrington area. I’m happy to say that, thanks to you, we finally hit that number and surpassed it this past Wednesday, August 15th and have now reached over 11,000 monthly visits.

In case you’re interested, here’s a quick look at some of our other website statistics from our analytics reports:

In addition to over 11,000 monthly visits, we see about 40,000 monthly pageviews at 365Barrington.com.

People check out an average of about 3 to 4 different pages when they visit this website.

They spend, on average, about a-minute-and-a-half browsing what’s here before they move on to something else.

About 55% of our traffic comes from search engines and 30% comes from referring websites like Facebook.

About 70% of our visitors each month are just finding 365Barrington.com for the first time.

30% are returning visitors to the site.

The number number of returning visitors is increasing more rapidly with the introduction of our new email campaign.

So now that we’ve crossed that 10,000 visit threshold, that means it’s time to set some new goals and we’ve outlined three that I’d thought I’d share with you today:

First, we have a new site traffic target in mind & will let you know when we get there ;).

Second, we’re growing our team to help turn this website into an even more useful community resource.

And lastly, we want to do a better job of knowing what kinds of things you care most about reading.  So I’d like to humbly request your feedback and a minute of your time.

A Barrington business owner and friend recently asked me to describe the people who read 365Barrington.com.  I told her our readers are largely people who live and work here in Barrington. They’re people who own businesses and organize events here in town. They’re parents with kids in the schools here.  They’re neighbors who want to connect with others.  And they’re people who are involved or simply care about what goes on in our community.

But to help me get a better picture of who you are and why you visit 365Barrington.com, I wonder if you might take a minute to share a few details in the form below.

In return, I can promise you three things.

I will never share your information with anyone else.

I won’t send you our weekly email newsletter unless you want me to.

And I will always work very hard to share exciting stories about people doing cool things right here in Barrington, Illinois.

Thank you for your time, your interest and for being here.

Liz Luby Chepell
365Barrington.com Publisher and a Barrington Parent with a passion for sharing positive community news

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