280. Queen Latifah Interviews Barrington “Flu Shot Girl” After Exam Room Video Goes Viral

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Station Middle School 6th Grader, Michaela Goetze Interviewed by Queen Latifah

Station Middle School sixth grader Michaela Goetze is in the national media spotlight after a video of her getting a flu shot goes viral, with over 2.5 million views (and counting) on YouTube.  In the video, Michaela dramatically reacts to getting the shot after a little needling from her brother, Keanu, who told her “it’s way worse than you think” seconds before it was her turn to get the shot.

"Michaela's Flu Shot" Video Goes Viral
“Michaela’s Flu Shot” Video Goes Viral

Michaela also happens to be the younger sister of 365BarringtonTV reporters and up-and-coming film producers Catherine Goetze and Gus Goetze, so it seems that showbiz runs in the Goetze family ;).  In recent weeks, Michaela’s Flu Shot video has been featured on high traffic, pop culture websites like BuzzFeed, DailyMail.co.uk and DailyPicksandFlicks.com with headlines like these…

This Little Girl Deserves an Oscar for Her Performance While Getting a Flu Shot

Young girl works herself into a panicked frenzy as she gets ready to have a flu jab..while her brother LAUGHS

Girl Freaks Out Over Flu Shot

Michaela was interviewed live on the Queen Latifah show this week about the two-year-old video and whether she’s still afraid of flu shots.

Michaela says, as the video’s popularity grows, more and more people are starting to recognize her as the “Flu Shot Girl”, but says her reaction to needles is much calmer now that she’s two years older, except when her brother Keanu is in the room.  Keanu sums up his involvement by saying, simply, “Brothers will be brothers.”

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