243. Saint Anne Parish School Advances Public Safety Protocols

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Saint Anne Parish School teachers and staff trained with Barrington Police and Fire Department representatives to test their Emergency Operations Procedures prior to the first day of school this week.  The tabletop exercise was another step in St. Anne’s commitment to staying at the forefront of school safety.

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Saint Anne Parish School Principal Dawn Kapka says, “The safety of our students is of paramount importance, and we are committed to working in partnership with the Barrington Police & Fire Department representatives to ensure that we are following best practices related to this area.”

The intention of this type of “tabletop” exercise is to prepare staff to work in sync with local law enforcement and fire department officials prior to an event occurring at their school. It also allows everyone to analyze and plan in a low-stress environment. This particular exercise involved a Carbon Monoxide leak, full evacuation of the building, relocation and reunification of the schools over 350 students.  “Planning and drilling for these emergency events is vital for a successful and safe outcome for the school and students,” says Assistant Chief Bruce Peterson of the Barrington Fire Department. Ultimately, after a two hour training session, both the school and public safety officials walked away with positive enhancements to their Emergency Operations Plan.

Police Chief David Dorn says one of the main lessons learned during this training is the importance of communication. “Having the ability to communicate quickly and accurately is critical when you have a significant incident take place.”  Both Saint Anne Parish School and The Village of Barrington have notification systems that allow for quick communication via text messaging, phone calls, email, etc.

Last year, as part of Saint Anne’s proactive approach to school safety, they conducted an active shooter drill in conjunction with the Barrington Police and Fire Departments. The Barrington Police and Fire Departments were joined by other local jurisdictions to assess the ability of the departments to collaborate in high-stress events.

For more information about the Village of Barrington’s Reverse 911 System call 847-304-3300, click here to sign up, visit the Village website at Barrington-il.gov.

Saint Anne Parish School is located at 319 Franklin Street in Barrington, Illinois. For more information about the school’s offerings and mission, call the main office at 847-301-0311. Click here to follow the latest St. Anne School updates on Facebook or visit their website at StAnneSchoolBarrington.org.


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