308. VIDEO: From Farm to Kettle, the Wild Onion Brewery Harvests Own Hops to Brew Signature Wet-hopped IPA, Otis

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Hops Harvest at the Wild Onion Brewery

The brewmasters at Lake Barrington’s Wild Onion Brewery have been hard at work harvesting a bumper crop of fragrant hops from the property’s three-acre farm to create Otis, their signature wet-hopped beer. Brewed within 24 hours of harvest, the result is a farm-fresh IPA full of hop flavor, bitterness and aroma. Otis has just been bottled and is now available (for a limited time only) at the Onion Pub in Lake Barrington!

With aerial views and interviews plus footage of the team harvesting, brewing and bottling, we captured the process of making Otis from start to finish.* While producing this piece, we learned that Otis embodies so much more than that fresh hops flavor. Each sip celebrates the Wild Onion’s focus on environmentally-friendly practices and their commitment to brewing with home-grown hops.

Named after a former member of the Onion Pub team whose spirit lives on in every pint they pour, Otis is available for a very brief period of time in the fall. To taste Otis while it lasts, head over to The Onion Pub (22221 N. Pepper Road) in Lake Barrington, one of our favorite places to relax with friends and family over fresh, handcrafted beers and hearty comfort food. Harvest time is the perfect reason for a visit and Otis is calling! Congratulations, Wild Onion Brewery, on a successful harvest and thank you for this delicious beer made locally, with love.

*  Field production by Renee Blue, filmed & edited by James Owen.


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