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Heart of Europe Cafe Named Best Doughnut Shop in Illinois

Heart of Europe Cafe Named Best Doughnut Shop in Illinois

Home Newsroom Heart of Europe Cafe Named Best Doughnut Shop in Illinois

Congratulations to Barrington’s own Heart of Europe Cafe for being named “Best Doughnut Shop” in the state of Illinois! recently compiled a list of the best doughnut shops by state according to Yelp user reviews and Heart of Europe Cafe came out on top in our entire state.

After moving here from Poland, sisters Emilia Augustyn and Kasia Mierzejewska opened Heart of Europe Cafe opened on Cook Street in 2015. They came to America with the dream of serving their native country’s specialty baked goods, drinks and food. Emilia and Kasia make all their menu items daily offering pastries, soups, sandwiches, coffee and dessert drinks.

But Kasia says their signature offering is their Kurtos Donut, a traditional European pastry that is hollow, lathered in butter and sugar and roasted until golden brown. “It is a delicious dough made from scratch each day, hand rolled onto a rod, coated with sugar and baked in a special oven which we shipped from Europe. It’s also called “Chimney Cake” / Kürtős Kalács, which was originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania – the home of the mythical Dracula!”

“Originally the pastry or cake was only baked on special occasions, such as weddings or festivals,” Kasia says. “However the popularity of the product has grown and, once a festive treat, it’s now part of everyday consumption, especially here at Heart of Europe Cafe!”

It’s exciting to see our neighborhood bakery getting Chicago and national media coverage for their new “Best Doughnut Shop in Illinois” claim to fame! To read the full list of Best Doughnut shops in the country, visit


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