Barrington Physician Makes Appearance in Eddie Vedder Cubs Championship Video

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A Barrington physician and Chief Medial Officer at AMITA Health Medical Group has a new claim to fame, thanks to his creative use of a marker and poster board during the game that won the Chicago Cubs the 2016 World Series. After a last-minute call to head to Cleveland for Game 7, Dr. Reinhold Llerena‘s poster was broadcast live during the game and is featured in Comcast Sportsnet’s remake of Eddie Vedder’s Cubs tribute video, “Someday We’ll Go All the Way”.

Dr. Llerena says the sign he was holding at the end of the game got the attention of a cameraman and was broadcast live during game coverage in the bottom of the 7th inning.

“My phone exploded when friends and family saw it on TV. They thought it was funny. I altered the sign late in the game and and it ended up in the longer version of the Eddie Vedder tribute video.”

Watch closely, and you’ll see Dr. Llerena during the moment that launched his 15 minutes of World Series fame…

Dr. Llerena says being there for the Cubs’ win was an unforgettable experience.

“I went to the game with a fellow South Barrington friend and his family. It was a very spontaneous decision. We drove out after midnight to get there on the day-of the game.”

The game was the perfect Game 7 given the history, the outcome, and manner in which it ended. I was just praying after the Indian’s two-run homer tied the game at the bottom of the 8th. The tension was thick in the park given the crowd was seemingly close to 50-percent Cubs fans. It was a roller coaster of emotions for everyone.

The Cleveland fans were extremely classy around us. The tears and the joy expressed by the Cubs fans at Progressive Field reflected the same passion felt by all Cubs fans watching everywhere. We stood after the game celebrating for over an hour with the rest of Cubdome as the rain pelted down on us all. Just an epic experience.”

And, like so many others, the Win brought back memories of a special Cubs fan in Dr. Llerena’s life who he wishes could have been there by his side.

“My little sister was a die-hard Cubs fan (the kind that drove proudly with the awkward Cubs “W” flag hanging from her car at all times). She passed away early spring without having witnessed this ultimate event. I like to think she (with Ron Santo and Ernie Banks) convinced God to throw in a little rain at the end of regulation to set up the exhilarating 10th inning. I thought about her the whole game.”

Thanks for letting us share your story, Reinhold. I can’t wait to hear more about your “epic” World Series adventure!

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