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March 6th in Barrington History | Reckless Nimrods Shoot Into Houses

March 6th in Barrington History | Reckless Nimrods Shoot Into Houses

With renewed focus on remembering our local roots, we’re excited to introduce a new series called This Day in Barrington History. So, let’s hop on board our 365Barrington time machine and take a trip back to March 6, 1930 when the Barrington Review cost Five Cents per issue or $2.50 for the whole year.

There were over a dozen front page headlines on this day back in 1930, but one in particular has caught our attention. It reads, “RECKLESS NIMRODS SHOOT INTO HOUSES; WARNING IS ISSUED”. Not today, of course, but apparently Barrington was once home to some “reckless nimrods”, according to the journalists of that time.

At first I didn’t realize the word “nimrod” can mean both “an inept person” and “a skillful hunter”. Perhaps this makes me a dimwit? Either way, what the Sam Hill were these nimrods thinking???

Let’s take a closer look at the copy in its entirety, shall we?


The local police department has received several complaints during the past two months that shots have been fired through the windows of dwelling houses. In one instance a shot pierced the plate glass show window of a Main street business house. One dwelling has been fired into twice.

It is the theory of the department that the shots were fired by citizens in an attempt to kill rabbits that were destroying shrubbery. No malicious intent is attributed. The department warns all citizens, however, that this method of defense against the rodents must not be pursued.

There is a village ordinance against the unauthorized use of firearms, and the apprehension of any violator will result in prosecution, it is stated. The fine for unauthorized use of firearms within the village limits is $25.

The moral of the story? When rodents nibble at your shrubbery this season, don’t be a reckless nimrod!

Do you have any favorite stories, facts, photos or memories about Barrington’s history? Please email to or share in the comments box below and we’ll put our research team to work. In the meantime, thanks to the Barrington Area Library for keeping such thorough records about our local history,  including archives filled with historical photos, facts and scanned pages from past Barrington newspapers. Explore their local history resources today at

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