Nonprofits Partner to Expand Barrington Township Food Pantry

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Collaborating is one of the hallmarks of how a community can succeed to benefit others. Showcasing this perfectly was a recent partnership between The Build Team and Barrington Township Food Pantry (BTFP).

The two nonprofits worked together to help expand & revitalize the food pantry located in the Barrington Township offices on Hough Street. Providing their technical expertise in renovation and repair services, The Build Team worked with BTFP to create a food pantry that is larger, flows better and has improved refrigeration & access to fresh foods.

The Build Team is made up entirely of volunteers who share many different skills (in construction electrical, plumbing, etc) that can help homeowners whose circumstances have put their homes at risk or greatly compromised their quality of life. The Build Team volunteers who worked on this project were Matt Kerekes, Ray Decraene, Pete Shaeffer, Jerry Roman, and David & Lisa Brooks.

Barrington Township Food Pantry is a local community food bank serving the residents of Barrington Township who meet the in need guidelines per number of individuals in a household. They partner with businesses and non-profits alike to provide nutritious items for our residents.

BTFP is supported by food or monetary donations from local residents, businesses and churches. The food pantry accepts donations from private gardens, backyard chicken coops and beekeeper owners as well.

Food Pantry volunteers Kevin Adler, Collette Love, Bill Bohstedt, Edith de Castro and Shelley Sutton gave their time for the re-organization of the pantry.

“We have been extremely fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful people, including The Build Team. From the first meeting with the guys, I was so impressed with their attitude and attention to detail to make our space functional as well as great design.”, said Patrice Miller, Coordinator of the Barrington Township Food Pantry.

This project was made possible by grants from the Barrington Area Community Foundation. Other community members that provided support for the renovation include: Dick Smith (Architect), US Refrigeration/Steve Nuzzo, Steve and Kerry Miller (rolling door), ADCO Van & Storage/Brian Dockery (mobile unit moving assistance).

To learn more or volunteer for The Build Team, please click here.

Click here to volunteer and learn more about the Barrington Township Food Pantry.

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