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59. Good Shepherd Hospital Honors Nurses for Earning Magnet® Recognition for Excellence

 The 490 registered nurses who work at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital are wearing a meaningful and hard-earned new symbol of excellence this week.
After achieving Magnet® recognition for nursing excellence in December, they received pins recognizing that honor during a joyful and emotional ceremony with their fellow hospital associates and administrators on Friday.
Today, they wear those pins with pride knowing they have the confidence of, not only the American Nurses Credentialing Center that issues Magnet® recognition, but also patients like Kitty Ferrantella.
Kitty returned for the Magnet pinning ceremony to share a personal story about how a nurse gave her hope when she was very sick and being cared for at Good Shepherd.  We were there to witness the emotional reunion when Kitty reconnected with that nurse, for the first time, since her stay at the hospital.
Kitty was admitted to Good Shepherd in the summer of 2012 after having serious complications from a procedure performed at another hospital.  She says an exchange with her nurse lifted her spirits and brought her great comfort at a very low point in her recovery……

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44. Health Beat: Cool Heart Treatment for a Return to a Normal Lifestyle

 Feeling an occasional mild flutter in your chest, slightly lightheaded, or occasionally being a bit tired are things many of us may have felt at some time in our lives.
John Thibault, a 47 year old sergeant with the Wauconda Police Department, started having these occurrences more frequently right after a very bad chest cold.
“I figured it was probably a combination of the chest cold and stress that was causing the symptoms,” John said.
A co-worker jokingly teased him saying that he should go to the doctor because if he died he didn’t want to do this job by himself. In jest, but with serious undertones, John decided to consult his physician……

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71. Bust a Move for the Pink Glove Dance Competition

 It’s not every day that you see people dancing through the halls at Good Shepherd Hospital.  It’s not every day that you find hospital doctors, nurses and staff wearing pink gloves and feather boas to work.  But they’ve been up to something over at the hospital here in Barrington and, when I saw what it was, it gave me goosebumps.  It’s a video of about 100 Good Shepherd Hospital employees, wearing pink and dancing to Firework, one of my favorite Katy Perry songs. Who knew so many of our local healthcare providers double as dancing divas!?!
They created the video to win a dance competition and it’s a major feat in choreographed camaraderie executed by employees, men and women, from just about every department at the hospital.
From the hospital’s president, Karen Lambert, to its housekeepers, from its doctors to its paramedics, there’s no sign of stage fright over wearing wacky pink accessories while grooving to the beat.
They’re bringing out the boogie in hospital beds, at their desks and through the hospital halls.  NOW IT’S OUR TURN to help them dance their way to winning a top prize.  Read on to watch their video and cast your vote……

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