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325. Family Recipes Inspire Heinen’s Thanksgiving Dishes

 As we head into the weekend before Thanksgiving, buying groceries for next week’s holiday tops to-do lists everywhere. The shelves, food cases and displays at Heinen’s Grocery will be fully stocked for shoppers with all the Thanksgiving turkeys, ingredients, baked goods and prepared foods you could possibly need for your Thanksgiving feast. Whether you’re cooking your entire meal from scratch or would like to have the company’s chefs do the cooking for you, Heinen’s has you covered from start to finish with recipes steeped in family tradition.
Family, service and quality are at the core of the company’s story and their commitment to those values has helped Heinen’s grow at warp speed in 2014. That’s what Tom Heinen says he’ll be feeling most thankful for as his own family sits down to their Thanksgiving dinner table. After opening Barrington’s Heinen’s store in August of 2012, this year they expanded further into Chicagoland, opening stores in Glenview, Bannockburn and Lake Bluff. That brings the total number of Heinen’s Grocery stores to 21, with four in the Chicago suburbs and 17 in the suburbs of Cleveland.
“I’m really thankful for all of the people who have joined our team here in Chicago and for their help getting three new stores open in the past six months. We’ve had awesome people join Heinen’s and, thanks to our new associates, I’m optimistic about our success in this market. It’s been a big year for Heinen’s.”
With so much to be thankful for, I asked Tom how he’ll be spending the holiday and what the most popular dishes on his family’s table will be. Tom says he’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with his twin brother Jeff, with whom he oversees the company.
When you run a growing grocery chain, what kind of Thanksgiving turkey makes it to your table? Tom says Heinen’s offers a variety of high-quality fresh and frozen turkey options, but they always come back to one bird……

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