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Men's Basketball at the Lake Barrington Field House

The Lake Barrington Field House is fired up about a new adult basketball league they’re starting for men age 18 and up. The goal is to give guys a way to play with groups their age on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10.  And there is something in it for you ladies, too.  It’s a great way to carve out a little alone time at home while your man works off some steam on the court. Now you know how my mind thinks!

Men's Basketball at the Lake Barrington Field House

Men age 18 and up can sign up for the league as individuals or as teams of at least seven people. The cost to sign up as team for an eight week session is $300 and the cost for an individual is about $40. If you want to check it out before you commit, the adult league coordinator says come on out next Tuesday night, May 4th, at 7PM. For $5, you can play some pickup games, get to know the guys and the gym and see how you like it. You’ll pay no league-fees up front until you get placed on a team.

Here’s another bonus.  The Lake Barrington Field House basketball courts are on floating hardwood floors which are a lot less stressful on your legs and help prevent injuries. The ultimate goal is to create ten teams with guys age 18 to 35 and six teams with guys age 35 to 55. They’re also working on a senior men’s basketball league with a minimum age of 55.  They’re still lining up the details, but they plan to host the league year-round, with several eight or twelve week segments.

If you’re interested, call the Lake Barrington Field House at 847-382-3433 and ask for Ashley Jenrett. She’s their adult league coordinator and she’s great!

Lake Barrington Field House

28156 W. NorthPointe Parkway

Lake Barrington, IL 60010

(847) 382-3433


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