123. Be Happy to Be Home

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Kids at the Airport

One of my favorite things about going on vacation is coming home again.  Three hours on a plane trying to calm a screaming two-year-old yesterday took a lot out of me. It was a full flight, we were surrounded by businessmen with laptops and, by the time we landed, I was crying, too.  Hello Kitty stickers covered the plane window, cookie crumbs were everywhere and my daughter had scribbled all over the seat trays with her crayons.  The scary part is that, in a moment of desperate surrender, I actually let her vandalize airline property.  Traveling used to be easy, but now that we’re packing little people, those days are over.

Kids at the Airport

When we turned onto our street in Barrington last night, I actually closed my eyes and sighed. Do you ever get that feeling when you’re so happy to be home? Everything I need is right where I put it. Our kids know their bedtime and our routines help them keep their cool. Billy can practice his army crawl with abandon. Grace can be that sweet girl that left her body on the plane yesterday. And I feel new appreciation for opportunities to travel and the comforts that welcome you home.


    • Thanks, Theresa. I loved reading your blog posts this week and owe you, big time!

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